Marketing Analysis of Demand and Supply in the Labor Market of Ukraine

The labor market is a complex socio-economic phenomenon that requires constant monitoring and regulation. There are a significant number of definitions of this concept, which are significantly different and quite harmoniously complement each other. At the same time, scientists use complex, systemic and dialectical approaches. Scientists consider typical models of the labor market: American, Japanese, Swedish and Chinese, which differ in a number of key features and principles of operation.

Problems and Benefits of Implementation of Category Management at Domestic Enterprises

Categorical management has been gaining great popularity in the world since the 2000s. In the domestic market, categorical management began to gain momentum only in 2015. Its advantages are obvious compared to the traditional management model, however, categorical management is not a universal solution to all problems.

Features of marketing of the innovation support of domestic industrial enterprises in the conditions of international economic relations

The purpose of this article is to study the theoretical foundations and applied problems in marketing support of the innovation enterprises in conditions of international economic relations. Theoretical and methodological basis of research are the fundamental provisions of economic theory, scientific works of scientists on marketing of innovations.

Management of innovation activities at engineering enterprises under condition of mass individualization of demand

Analyzing the state of the economy of the present day we see the need of use of innovative processes, as a basis of high-quality shifts. Under modern conditions of economic activity the innovation becomes a driving force of economic, technological, political, ecological and social development of society.