Problems and Prospects of Training Civil Servants in Contemporary Ukrainian Realities

The purpose of the article is to identify the main problems in the basic and advanced training of civil servants. Using a retrospective review and taking into account the current situation, develop a strategic plan for further action to improve the system of training of civil servants. Outline priority areas and forms of advanced training of existing staff and basic training of new civil servants to meet the needs of highly qualified and competitive staff.


The work is devoted to the problem of creation and implementation of educational services in the process of teaching foreigners listeners of Ukrainian language. Two Web-based learning systems have been developed – an audiovisual training course in the Moodle shell and a KIAP system for constructing Ukrainian language tasks and automated testing of them. It is shown that the Moodle distance learning system was used mostly in the first semester of study. In the second semester, when you have studied professional Ukrainian language, the KIAP system is effective in application.

Legal regulation of education of sentenced to imprisonment in Ukraine

The article analyzes the normative legal acts that regulate the sphere of education of convicts. Attention is drawn to the provisions of international penitentiary instruments, which recommend that prison administrations make every effort to encourage prisoners to take an active part in all aspects of education. The necessity of training convicts as one of the most important aspects of prevention of recidivism is substantiated. The need to develop a concept of state policy in the field of education of juvenile prisoners and prisoners is emphasized.

Modern information and communication technologies in the educational process at the example of a web-applique for discipline “Discrete Mathematics”

The question of modernization in education is interesting not just for educators and not just in Ukraine. Nowadays it is widely discussed the idea of cardinal changes in educational sphere and the necessity of changes in teaching approaches themselves taking into consideration the specific of information perception by a person who lives in the age of informational society with a high level of informational service, accessibility to any source of reliable information, visualization of the given Рис. 7.

By creating a professional – competent police officers in the context of civil society

In the scientific study of the main ways of formation of professional and competent police
officers in the context of civil society. Problems of professional training of employees and
departments of the MIA of Ukraine, special attention is paid to the development of new forms
and methods of qualitative success of the police officers

Наскрізна конструкторська підготовка спеціалістів та магістрів на кафедрі конструювання верстатів та машин механіко-машинобудівного інституту НТУУ "КПІ"

This paper analyzes the recent research in the field of scientific — methodological approaches and approaches to the formation of technical knowledge, theoretical — methodological problems of training design directions and innovative methods of teaching and compared modern requirements for professional competence of graduates in engineering and technology and the problem of socio — economic development countries.

Проведення аудиторних занять з використанням віртуального навчального середовища Львівської політехніки

Описано методику проведення аудиторних занять всіх типів з використанням засобів інформаційної системи «Віртуального навчального середовища Львівської політехніки». Основну увагу приділено викладанню лекційного матеріалу.

Method for all types of classroom training with the use of LMS ‘Lviv Polytechnic Virtual Learning Environment’ was described. Special attention is paid to teaching lectures.