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Democratic Control of the Defence Sector in Ukraine (Research Article)

Ukraine has declared membership in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as its goal. One of the prerequisites for joining both organizations is the stability of institutions that guarantee, among other things, democracy and the rule of law. For Ukraine, exercising effective democratic control is a crucial issue of civil-military relations. The article analyzes individual words, phrases, and terms defining democratic control of the security and defence sector. Due to the method of synthesis, the elaborated material is generalized.

Peculiarities of personnel management under the conditions of martial law

Wartime requires decisive actions from the management of enterprises, such as: acceleration of managerial decision-making, flexibility of management style, improvement of communication processes, ensuring the safety of employees and their mental health, maintaining their productivity, etc. All this requires the development of new, adaptation of existing personnel management tools under force majeure conditions of operation.

Transformation of functional – methodical approaches to personnel management in the conditions of integration of production and network information technologies

The article is devoted to the issues of the objective need to transform functional-methodical approaches to personnel management in the context of the integration of production and network information technologies. The functions of personnel management in the conditions of digitalization are defined. It is noted that the implementation of each management function requires the use of specific technologies

Talent management in public authorities

Problem setting. Under the conditions of the intense labour market and fierce competition, talented and highly productive workers, who can learn quickly and adapt to rapid changes in the environment, and possess a range of unique skills, knowledge and competence in a particular field are particularly valuable. It was these employees who led the emergence of the new term “war for talent”, which initiated the formation of a whole direction in approaches to personnel management, namely talent management.

Motivation and evaluation of personnel in modern challenging environment

Relationship between motivation and evaluation of the personnel in the enterprise management system as a purposeful influence on employees’ performance is substantiated; the new tasks set before employees in modern challenging conditions are outlined. There are defined today’s new challenges that are becoming a reality and are determining the new tasks set for national management. The basic essential components of personnel motivation and evaluation are presented; the content analysis of the personnel assessment tasks depending on manifestation of specific trends in society is made.