International legal standards regarding the regulation of domestic labor regulations

The article analyzes the international legal standards regarding the regulation of internal labor regulations. It is noted that in the legal doctrine of international law there is a significant number of normative acts that define international legal standards for the regulation of internal labor regulations, however, the mechanism for ensuring them is imperfect, it is not fully defined by the state and does not correspond to national legislation.

Employee loyalty: essence and measurement indicator

The article presents the results of a study on the importance of increasing the level of employee loyalty to the company and its evaluation. The influence of loyal employees on the development of the organization is briefly presented, in particular, it is emphasized that loyal employees who give positive feedback about their work in the organization, thereby ensure increasing labour productivity, improving the company’s image, expand the client base, improving financial results, etc.

Principles of developing a web application for monitoring employee skills

Summarizing the definition of the concept of "skills" from the reviewed literary sources, we determine that: skills are a combination of knowledge and skills that a person has acquired during his life. To improve skills, you need to choose certain tools (trainings, seminars, webinars, online courses, refresher courses, reading special literature, etc.). Personal qualities and attitudes of young people are important in choosing tools and achieving results. As part of this study, the principles of building a web application for monitoring the skills of employees were designed and developed.


Managing the effectiveness of the organization is one of the main functions of the professional activities of the newest Ukrainian managers. Managing the effectiveness of the organization is a continuous process that logically covers the actions and procedures of the linear manager in a single chain according to the logic of meaningful activity: from the formulation of goals to control the achieved results. The main consequence of the evolution of performance management over the last decade is to focus not only on goals but also on means.

Features of installation of the presence of labor relations in the legal order

On the basis of systematic analysis of general theoretical and branch studies, it is proposed to consider the legal fact of the existence of labor relations as an act expressed in the form of an employment contract between an employee and the employer or a court decision which has become legally binding, which (action) causes legal consequences within the framework of labor relations, relations with compulsory state social insurance and relations with employee social security.

Оn the issue of employer compliance with legislative requirements in the employment of nationals

On the basis of current legislation of Ukraine the main demands to the employer when hiring employees. Specifically, the formalization of labor relations; justification of the employment; creating certain laws of jobs for the privileged categories of citizens. Special attention is devoted to the analysis of court practice in disputes concerning the finding of staying in employment.

Analysis of compliance of the national legislation with the ratified articles of the European social charter (revised)

This article deals with the study of the issue of securing by the norms of the national legislation of international guarantees in the sphere of labor. Characteristic in this context is the issue of analysis of compliance of the norms of the national legislation with the norms of the European Social Charter (revised).

The features of computing average daily wage for the calculation of temporary disability

The scientific article the features of accounting of payments for insurance and reporting
in accordance with applicable law are considered. The process of calculating the average wage
per day to charge the material security while temporary disability and representation of
workers' lost earnings compensation calculations in the business accounting is considered in
the article. Reveals the method of calculating refunds for various types of social insurance are
some controversial points in calculating such amounts.