corporate culture

Modern tendencies and challenges concerning corporate culture forming under conditions of public administration reforming

The main issues of formation and development of the corporate culture in the framework of the reforming of public administration system are considered. On the basis of the study and analysis of the experiences of other European countries, modern tendencies in public administration science and practice, the best national and international practices, the relevant proposals on further development of the corporate culture are prepared.

Moral and Psychological State of the Company as an Example of Effective Management

In today’s world, the process of developing and updating the concept of personnel management continues. Management methods, tools and technologies are being improved, innovative management technologies are being approved. Increasingly, the staff of the organization is seen as a base for the formation of its competitive advantages. Of particular importance is the environment in which the employee is. Moral and psychological atmosphere, psychological and emotional climate in the organization, formed and maintained corporate culture of the organization are components of the 


The article summarizes the theoretical ideas of scientists about nature of corporate culture. The main stages of its formation at the enterprise are determined. The importance of corporate culture in the enterprises management is substantiated. The influence of corporate culture on the labour activity motivation of the personnel at enterprises is considered.

Communications system for IT-developers

Article is dedicated to solve difficulties concerning establishment of the communication system providing compatible work conditions for territorially separated project team members and problems, which occur during the cooperation process between associates of development team.

During the process of problem solving following solutions were proposed. Specified type of communication, remote communication. The classification system of remote communication, which further was used as the basis model of communication system for IT companies’ usage.

Application of modern methods of sociometric analysis for modelling personnel optimal behavior at the enterprise

The article focuses on the analysis of the sociomapping method used for modeling the personnel optimal behavior at the enterprise, as well as on the method efficiency evaluation within the framework of the conducted research. It is suggested to apply the sociomapping method for evaluating the efficiency of the enterprise corporate culture and for the analyzing the enterprise collective organizational behavior in general. The key benefits and drawbacks of the
sociomapping method application are considered within the framework of the enterprise social networks analysis.