comparative analysis

Future Changes in Logistics & Supply Chains: a Competence Dimension

The article notes that the integration of the Ukrainian economy into the EU is partially hampered by purely logistical factors. The positions of Ukraine in the world ranking of the Logistics Performance Index are analyzed. Attention is focused on the component of «logistics competence», which is significantly behind the average European level. The authors suggested that the existing backlog could offset the new generation of potential managers who were the target audience of this study.


This article examines the main generally accepted indicators for assessing certain aspects of public administration, which are used in international practice. The study of these indicators will provide a general description of the quality of the existing system of public administration and the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation, as well as reflect the existing features of socio-political life and economic policy implemented in the country by public (primarily and largely public) government and administration.

State policy of Ukraine and Poland for the protection of national minorities: comparative analysis (Review Article)

The article presents a comparative analysis of the state policy of Ukraine and Poland on the protection of the rights of national minorities. The authors reveal the nature and highlight features of national minorities, analyze the situation of national minorities that exists in Ukraine and Poland.

Структура системи порівняльного аналізу електронних текстових документів за змістом

The study analyzes the scheme of services for determining the uniqueness of electronic text documents, considered their main characteristics while checking the originality of the article. An author presents structure of the system for comparative analysis of electronic text documents by content, she outlines the operating principle each of its major components.

Operational Conditions of Vehicles Motion and Formation of Urban Driving Cycle in the City of Lviv

To the greatest extent, the indicators of the motor vehicles being in the normative technical state are influenced by the operational conditions, which, in turn, are characterized by road, relief (terrain) and transport conditions.

Internal audit in the public finance sector and its role in the system of management control

The article presents the issues of the functioning of internal audit in the public finance
sector and its role in the system of management control. The main purpose of this article is to
demonstrate that the internal audit and management control are necessary tools for use in
public sector units. The necessity to control comes from the fact the management of public
The article presents the definitions and characteristics of both of these tools ona