Polysemy in Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology

: pp. 77 - 81
L'viv Polytechnic National University
L'viv Polytechnic National University

The article is sanctified to analyse the specific functioning of the polysemy phenomenon in the Ukrainian electricity terminology. It analyses the main types of the ambiguous tokens in the study of terms. It also studies out the reasons of the appearance of new terminological meanings in special electric power engineering category.

The urgent and controversial problem in modern terminology is the functioning of basic lexical and semantic processes in the terminology that are typical for literary language. Under ideal conditions mono semantics of the term within the terminological system is one of its main characteristics. However, the results of thorough studies of terminological system proved that the phenomenon of polysemy is widespread in terminology.

Polysemy appears in terminological system due to such factors as: processes of metaphorization and metanimization, formation of derivative meanings by transferring polysemy of forming word to derivative units stem, propensity of human thinking to the systematization and generalization of knowledge about the reality phenomena, necessity of accurate nominating of scientific concepts and phenomena, strict necessity of flexible communications. Thus, the polysemy of terms is an expression of lingual and non-lingual factors.

The polysemy of Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology has not been studied yet. To find term polysemy in Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology seems real, because it’s in a constant evolution as a part of nationwide language and is subjected to the same semantic processes. Therefore the aim of this study is an analysis of the aforementioned terminology from the perspective of presence in it the polysemy units and outlining the specific features of the polysemy functioning in electric power engineering terminological system. To achieve this aim the different types of polysemy were grouped according to polysemantic units in this terminological system. It is an important problem related to the practical use of results in the sphere of scientific and practical electric power engineering.

The analysis of polysemantic lexemes of Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology demonstrates their prevalence in this metalanguage. All the variations of polysemy inherent to various branches terminological systems are found out within Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system. In particular, the intra-system polysemy, where polysemy of terms is the result of semantic evaluation of general technical and narrow specialization terms (енергетика, компенсатор, трансформатор), is designated within the studied terminological system. Also, interdisciplinary or inter branch polysemy of terms that belong to different fields of knowledge, but combined by the meaning (індуктивний, фаза, фідер), are widely represented in the electric power engineering terminological system. It was revealed that complete absence of common seme in similar-sounding terms is immanent in this polysemy type. External systematic polysemy, i.e. polysemy between the electric power engineering term and general use word with the presence of term polysemant, whose meanings keep relationship with commonly used word (похибкаперемиканнябатареяпробій), is traced in the studied terminological system. The usage of commonly used adjectives in electric power engineering terminological word combinations (горішковий ізоляторгруповий перемикачмандрівні струми) within this variety of polysemy is founded.

Thus, polysemy of Ukrainian electric power engineering terms is caused by the influence of various semantic processes that occur in terminological system or in the process of narrowing and specialization of concepts, or as a result of metaphorization.

It proves that the development of any branch of terminological system according to the language rules is conducted, and the phenomenon of polysemy is natural and logical. These facts prove that elimination of the polysemy in electric power engineering term is practically impossible.

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