Aims and scope

Program goals of the issue "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies": to publication the scientific papers of Employees of higher educational and research institutions of Ukraine, scientists from abroad and specialists in the field of Computer Science and Information Technologies, which presents the results of scientific research and innovations, features of solving educational problems, elaboration of experience and introduction of scientific achievements to the production.

Problems considered in the Journal refers to scientific and innovative research in the following areas: Automated data processing systems and control of complex technical systems; modelling of information processes and computer systems; mathematical and software of information systems; software of computer-aided design; models and methods of quality assessment and improvement of software reliability; cloud technologies and prospects of their development; software engineering; artificial intelligence and cryptographic information protection; system analysis of information systems, technologies, data and so on.

Editorial Board of the Journal is guided by scientific principles, impartiality, professionalism and promotion of the most important innovative research, compliance of the rules of publishing ethics. Therefore, the editorial policy of the Journal is to publish articles with further discussion of innovative research materials presented by authors from different countries which covers a wide range of problems in Computer Science and Information Technologies, and related scientific fields.

The feature of the issue "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies" is to support the research of young scientists, including graduate students and postgraduate students. The full article layouts, enhanced abstracts in Ukrainian and English and used references the Editorial Board of the Journal puts to the open access online the Journal’s Web-site.

The goal of the issue "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies" – coverage presentation of topical research problems of multiscale information processes with the usage of Computer Technique, which ensuring the proper data processing speed, quick search of information data, dispersion of information data, access to information sources regardless of their location.

The main objectives of the issue:

1. Publication of materials of fundamental and applied research in Information Technologies, consisting of a set of methods, production processes, software and hardware, combined with technological chain that provides performance of information processes to enhance their reliability and efficiency, and reduces the complexity of the process of information resources usage.

2. The exchange of scientific ideas, methodology and practical research achievements on the improvement of production processes and software, hardware, combined with a certain set of methods for collecting, processing, storage, distribution, displacement and usage of information in the interests of its immediate customers.

3. Providing information field for discussion to discuss new theories, methods and results of innovative research in the field of Information Technologies, including complex ones at the intersection of the science and designed to reduce of the complexity of the usage of information resources.

4. Expanding the horizons of scientific researchers from specialized and related disciplines, informing the wide range of public researchers and practical specialists about problems and best practices of multiscale research, combined with technological chain, ensuring the collection, storage, processing, displaying and distribution of information.

5. Placing at the Journal information on specialized scientific and technical conferences, on new textbooks and monographs in Computer Science and Information Technologies, and related problems, the results of activity in different areas of research organizations and institutions and professional associations.

6. Provide information support for innovation activity in Computer Science and Information Technologies, a variety of Studies within the above fields and monitoring of higher level in the hierarchy of information and communication technologies.

7. Assist in establishing of creative links between research and production teams, involving scientists and experts of various departments to mutual working and cooperation to solve actual problems in Computer Science and Information Technologies.