Guidelines for Authors

The list of required materials for the publishing of the article:

  • Information about authors (article metadata file, sample);
  • Article (electronic (E-mail: and hard-copy paper versions);

Parameters of the article design:

  • document format – A4;
  • margins – 2 cm from all borders;
  • file format – * .doc (MS Word 2003);
  • font Times New Roman, 14 pt, spacing – 1.5;
  • equation editor – Microsoft Equation Editor or MathType;
  • languages: Ukrainian, English (other – by prior agreement with Editorial board);
  • The paper: 12-18 pages.

The Title page of the article must be submitted in Ukrainian and English with the following information:

  • Hhh.hhh UDC – Universal Decimal Classification;
  • initials and surnames by a comma (in Ukrainian);
  • official name, city, state (Ukrainian);
  • title (in Ukrainian);
  • abstract – of no less than 1500 characters (in Ukrainian);
  • Keywords – 4-6 terms (separated by the sign ','), neither of which does not duplicate the terms of the title of the article (in Ukrainian);
  • initials and surnames by a comma (in English);
  • Title of the article – title (in English);
  • Abstract – of no less than 2,000 characters (in English);
  • Keywords – 4-6 terms, separated by the sign ',' (in English).

Requirements for abstracts, Filed in English:

  • written quality scientific English;
  • clearly articulated and informative, without general phrases and secondary information;
  • meaningful, that should reflect the basic content of the publication;
  • structured, that is to follow the sequence of the material in this publication.

We recommend the following structure annotation: Preamble (1 sentence), a brief description of methods or techniques of research (2-3 sentences) description of the main results (3-4 sentences); concise conclusions or recommendations for further research (1-2 sentences). The sentences in the abstract should begin with these words: "A ..."; "It is found ..."; "There are ..."; "Established ..."; "Research ..."; "A ..."; "Improved ..." and so on.

The text annotations need to use terminology that is used in specialized international English-language publications. Note that your abstract reads an international audience of scientists. Therefore, its content should be clear even specialist without observing the basic content of the publication.

To assess the correctness of translation in English annotations editor of the author needed immediately after the English text post it verbatim Ukrainian-option (it will not be included in the text).

The structure of the original article:

  • Introduction;
  • Materials and Methods of Research;
  • Analysis of recent research and publications;
  • Research results and their discussion;
  • Discussion of research results;
  • Conclusions;
  • References in original language.

One of the important requirements for indexing articles by scientometric databases is the list of references, which is subjected to recognition by the automated systems of information processing. Therefore, the list of references should be submitted as follows:

  • Cyrillic sources should arrange accordingly to Standard ISO 8302-2017 and the sources written in Latin – to standard of original. It is recommended to prefer sources with index DOI in original submission;
  • Each source must have authorship, title, year of publication, publisher, number of pages or links to them, etc;
  • the amount of sources 6-15;
  • 80-100% of sources should be readily available on the Internet.

Reference should be implemented to officially known sources: articles, books, proceedings of conferences, DSTU, laws, patents, abstracts of theses and more. It is unacceptable in the references indicate links to unpublished papers, news sites, incomplete sources.

Privacy Policy

Author names, phone numbers and email addresses that indicate the authors of articles in the Author's information will be used by the editors of Journalexclusively for internal technical problems solution.They will not be distributed and transferred to third parties.

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