Policy of reviewing (Reviewing process)

Peer-review process last 15 days to review.

Publishing of papers in the issue "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies” is an important component of a consistent and comprehensive development of the system of knowledge in Computer Science and Information Technologies and related areas of Science and Technologies.

This is a direct reflection of the quality of scientific works of authors and institutions that support them. By this way the control system of papers reviewing in the Journal is a set of rules, which form the base of relationships with members of the Editorial Board with external reviewers and authors of papers for publishing.

1. For publishing in the issue "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies" the Editorial Board takes for consideration theoretical and applied scientific papers, namely:

●     research papers, which summarizes the results of scientific research or innovation;

●     research-educational and research- methodological papers containing the results of the practical laws of the objects, methods and techniques of their application in practice and the educational process;

●     scientific society papers which consider the relevant to the scientific community problems in specific field or multiple fields of knowledge.

Each manuscript paper submitted to the Editorial Board of Journal is the subject to review.

2. The manuscript of the article sent to the Editorial Board must match the profile and the problems of the Journal, that means researches in Computer Science and Information Technologies, as well as relevant problems of related fields of knowledge.

3. Scientific journalistic papers respects to anniversary events may supplied with abstract and minimal descriptive keywords in Ukrainian and English.

4. Manuscript of the paper and the supporting documents submitted to the Editorial Board, will recorded both in paper and electronic form with the notation of the date of reception, name of author(s), author’s workplace and contact data for interaction (required e-mail), paper title and each supplied document.

5. The manuscript of paper may be taken into consideration by the Editorial Board if it is formatted in accordance with the mentioned requirements of Journal. A poorly prepared or sloppy manuscript of paper will be rejected. The Editorial Board does not consider and further review the manuscript of paper, if it was previously published in other scientific journals.

6. Postgraduate students must send to the Journal’s Editorial Board a manuscript paper recommended for publication (in free form) reviewed and signed by the supervisor. Signatures assured in formal way.

7. The Editorial Board of the Journal papers sends the manuscript for review to at least two experts, one of whom is a member of the Editorial Board in one of the directions of research published in the Journal.

8. The Journal’s Editorial Board follow the policy of dual "blind" reviewing of manuscripts. Under this regulation reviewer evaluates compliance of the article and its title to Journal subject, the actuality and scientific level of the material, its advantages and disadvantages, the validity of the solutions and proposals, matching to the editorial requirements of manuscript edition. If the manuscript of the paper followed with one negative review than the manuscript will be sent to another reviewer. In the case of two negative reviews follow the manuscript of paper the Journal’s Editorial Board rejects the paper from further consideration.

9. The Editorial Board reserves the right (with the consent of the author) for a slight reduction in material and its literary editing. The Editorial Board may refuse also the author to publish the article (if it followed by two negative reviews) or if it does not meet the Journal’s scientific goals and problems or has inadequate quality of the scientific material, or even its formatting. This applies particularly to inappropriate (non-professional) design of tables, formulas and figures. In case of rejection of the article the Journal’s Editorial Board directs to the author of paper the reasoned refusal in electronic form.

10. Review with conclusions (recommended for publication in unchanged form, recommended with the comments accounting or do not recommended), provided to the author of paper without sign of reviewer. In the case of presence of recommendations of reviewers on completion of the manuscript of the paper with indicating some remarks, the text form of reviews will sent to the author without specifying person of reviewer.

11. Manuscript of paper, revised or redesigned by author should send to the Editorial Board in time, then it re-engaged with the reviewer with the original version in the shortest possible time. Manuscript of paper rejected for publication on the results of its review the Editorial Boardwill not reconsider.

12. All disputes between the reviewers and the author of the manuscript considered at a meeting of the Editorial Board in the presence of the author or authorized by the authors person. Decision to publish of the article makes the Editorial Board by voting by majority. The final decision to publish the article makes the Chief Editor.

13. After the time the manuscript is accepted for publication, it is editing, editing abstracts in English, making the final corrections by author. The Editorial Board reserve the right do not take to further review the manuscript article if the technical editor will find improper introduction of corrections or literary corrections, or author has made a significant changes of existing manuscript material which previously not considered by reviewers.