Declaration On Open Access

The publication "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies" policy of Open Access (Open Access). All articles are placed on the website of Journal for free indefinitely and immediately after the issued number of Journal and through national libraries distribution system also and store them on paper and electronic media. Full-text real time access to the research papers in Journal is given to everybody who wants and provided on the official website of the Journal in the section Archive edition.

This meets the definition of Open Access in Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). The Licensing Policy of the Journal corresponds to the most Open-Access and Archiving of materials policies.

The "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies" is issued under the license Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY. This allows anybody to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, cite or link to full text articles in the scientific issue.

Basic principles of Editorial Board

The activity of Editorial Board based on the following basic principles:

●     objectivity and impartiality of selection of articles for publishing;

●     high standards of quality and reliability of research;

●     mandatory quality control (peer review) of manuscripts of articles;

●     compliance with collective decision-making to publish articles;

●     accessibility and efficiency in dealing with authors;

●     strict compliance with copyright and related rights.

Objectivity and impartiality. The Editorial Board of the issue "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies" in the activity controlled by the international ethics rules for scientific publications. Compliance with the rules of publications ethics by all parties of publishing process helps to ensure the rights of creators of intellectual property for the quality issue and prevents the possibility of misuse of copyright material for the benefits of individuals. However, the editorial board encourages and motivates authors maintain proper levels of formal and ethical requirements for the preparation of manuscripts and publishing of articles that are served to the Journal.

The high demands to the quality of research. The Editorial Board of the issue "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies" follows the following rules of publications support:

●     strict adherence to the basic principles of issue: science, objectivity, professionalism, information support for the most important innovative research;

●     unconditional loyalty to all subjects of the creative process involved in creating a Journal – editing, publication and support;

●     widespread usage of double "blind" review, involvement to the process of objective qualified reviewers;

●     continuous consultation with the authors of articles designed to meet the requirements of international databases SCOPUS and Web of Science to the design and content of the materials coming to the Editorial Board for publishing.

Quality assurance of manuscripts of Articles (reviews). Each manuscript paper, which was received by the Editorial Board goes through three stages of testing:

●     Primary test of compliness to the requirements of the manuscript formatting and of relevant supporting documents;

●     test for plagiarism and citation quality, test for accuracy of the list ofreferences;

●     external scientific review of articles in accordance with "The Process of Review".

Collegiality in make decisions to publish articles. The decision to publish or reject a manuscript of Article that was received by Editorial Board of Journal, make in accordance with "The Process of Review".

Editors reserve the right to make editorial changes to the manuscript paper, make the literary editing and cuts, reject manuscripts that are not relevant to the Journal or improperly designed, carefully follow to the basic rules of "Publishing Ethics".

The negative decision of Editorial Board on the publication of the article reports to the authors, and returns the article for revision. Manuscript of article, rejected by Editorial Board, does not review and does not return to the author (s).

Engaging with the publications. Author (s) submitting an article to the Editorial Board, grant (s) their written consent to the publishing in the "Ukrainian Journal of Information Technologies," placing on the Journal's website, transmitting the text to the third party to allow citation of article publication and increasing citation index of Author and of the Journal.

Copyrights. Reprinting of materials published in Journal by other issues is not allowed.