Тематичне спрямування

The Current Issues in Research, Conservation and Restoration of Historic Fortifications journal aims to make a significant contribution to the interdisciplinary research of fortification architecture monuments around the world and to support high-quality and up-to-date research. Therefore, we are pleased to invite authors writing in disciplines such as architecture and urban planning, construction, history and archeology, materials science, Earth sciences (geography, geodesy, petrography, mineralogy, geoinformatics), chemical technology, humanities and social sciences, etc the object of research of which are historical fortifications, as well as other events and phenomena related to military history. We also invite authors whose research results from other fields may be useful in the study of historical fortifications, other objects of military history, as well as those authors whose methodology and techniques can similarly be used for research of fortifications.

We support the following main areas of research:

  1. Architecture of defensive buildings and structures;
  2.  Archaeological research of ancient, medieval, modern and other fortifications and objects of military history;
  3. Urban development and problems of regeneration of historical fortified places and cities;
  4. Problems of conservation, restoration, museumisation and reproduction of fortifications and related works of art;
  5. Marking the places of historical battles;
  6. Military history;
  7.  Methods of conservation of cultural heritage

For publication are accepted articles which were not published before.