Дослідження процесу адсорбції ( )2 3ca no ґрунтовим середовищем

The problem of penetration of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil is analyzed. The influence of adsorption process on the rate of transfer of fertilizers in the vertical profile of the soil is determined. Experimental researches of adsorption properties of soil environment on the base of absorption of calcium nitrate by soil are done. Проаналізовано проблему проникнення азотних добрив вглиб ґрунту. Визначено вплив процесу адсорбції на швидкість перенесення добрив по вертикальному профілю ґрунту.

Кількісна та термодинамічна оцінка взаємодії йодиду гексадецилпіридинію і твіну-20 в змішаних водних розчинах і адсорбційних шарах

This article is devoted to the analysis within the framework of the theory of regular solutions interpartial interaction of hexadecylpyridinium iodide and Tween-20 in amolitude of the mixed aqueous solutions and at the interface phase solution – air. The structure is determined and values of the parameters of intermolecular interaction of surfactants and standard free energy Gibbs of mixed micellization and аdsorption layers are established.

Complex water treatment of agroindustrial complexes

The aim of this work was studying the process of phosphate adsorption on natural and synthesized adsorbents such as aluminosilicates. Sorption properties of natural zeolite concerning phosphates in static and dynamic conditions were investigated. It was found that phosphates were absorbed better in an acidic environment. Zeolites based on fly ashes of Dobrotvir heat power plant were synthesized and modified. The equilibrium values of adsorption capacity were established and the proper isotherms at a temperature 20 °C were built.

Integrated adsorption and ultrasonic technology for water treatment processes

The aim of this work is to study the process of water purification from mechanical and chemical pollution and pathogenic microflora by adsorption and ultrasonic methods. Proposed technology reduces bacterial contamination and purifies water from organic pollutants, improving its quality.

Pollution of soil environment with mineral fertilizers and ways of their migration deep into the soil

One of the major problems of pollution of soil environment, namely by components of mineral fertilizers due to their massive and continuous use in agriculture was analysed in the article. Possible ways of penetration of not absorbed mineral fertilizers deep into the soil as the main reason for getting fertilizers in the lower layers of the soil environment were investigated. A comparison of the impact of soil and climatic conditions on the rate of penetration of fertilizers deep into the soil was done.