Preparation and characterization of jute fiber reinforced shellac biocomposites: effect of additive


Mubarak Khan, Sushanta Ghoshal, Ruhul Khan, Shamim-Ara Pervin and Ahmed Mustafa

Hessian cloth (jute fabrics) samples were soaked in the alcoholic shellac solution and dried at 333 K for 4 hours. Six layers of shellac treated hessian cloth were heat pressed (373 K for 10 min at 5 MT pressure) to fabricate biocomposite and then its mechanical properties were evaluated. To improve the mechanical properties of the biocomposite, a series of formulations was prepared using varying percentages of urea (0.25 to 30 %) with shellac in methanol; then the composite was fabricated using same parameters. Mechanical properties such as tensile strength (TS), bending strength (BS), tensile modulus (TM), bending modulus (BM), elongation at break (Eb), impact strength (IS) of the biocomposite were determined. Percentage of urea and soaking time of hessian cloth for the composites were optimized over mechanical properties. The biocomposite prepared with 0.5 % urea at 2 min soaking time showed the highest mechanical properties (TS – 79 MPa, BS – 74 MPa, BM – 7 GPa, IS – 13 kJ/m2 and Eb – 11.3 %). Scanning electron microscopic images of the fracture surface of the composites were suggested.

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