Innovative methods of stimulation employees on machine-building enterprises

The article considers the concept of motivation (one of functions of management which provides prompting of employees to act in order to personal goals and objectives of the enterprise) and the role of stimulation for its implementation on enterprises are defined. Formation of effective stimulation system belongs to the main tasks that must be addressed in the motivations of workers on enterprises. The model of the motivation through needs are researched, the innovative development of industrial enterprises, their innovative activity, national innovation infrastructure studied. With a view to increase the effectiveness of motivational activity on machine-building enterprises, the methods of stimulation of the financial (salaries, allowances, bonuses, profit sharing, etc.) and non-financial (praise, career growth, certificates etc.) incentives for innovative activity of employees and their importance are evaluated. Special incentives in 22 terms of innovation activity found which are associated with the characteristics of workers who are involved in the innovation process. In the research process on national machine-building enterprises it is determined that importance of incentives of innovative activities varies, so it should be used (many times as it needs), during which his high importance for employees is stored. The need to develop the innovative approaches to incentives for employees on machine-building enterprises is modelled. Ensuring the possibility of selection the desired an incentives by employees, that satisfy their needs in the implementation of innovation and ensure their involvement in the management processes like as innovative method of stimulation is recommended. This can be carried out by implementing the method of “reward for behavior” or stimulating by the principle of “electronic wallet”. Its essence lies following the virtual account of employees in the company accumulate points that they receive for the results of work during a certain period and according to the point scale. At the end of the period received points of employee can be used by his choice for the purchase of any incentive. Also, the points can be saved for their future spending.