Метод управління якістю сприйняття послуг для програмно-конфігурованих мереж заснованих на намірах

The article is devoted to the development of a perception quality management method in softwaredefined
networking using IBN ideology. The so-called IBN (Intent-based networking) is based on the
well-known SDN (Software-Defined Network) and represents one of the most important new features of
network infrastructure. IBN offers network administrators a simple way to express business goals, such
as providing the necessary QoE, by allowing network software to automatically achieve these QoE goals.
This paper presents the design and implementation of a QoE (Quality of Expirience) monitoring system
for future intent-based software-defined networking (IBSDN) that will improve end-user experience and
allow more efficient use of network resources. The paper also presents methods for measuring network
parameters: latency and packet loss. A study is conducted to evaluate the performance of the proposed
monitoring system by generating audio and video traffic inMininet network

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