Management of innovation activities at engineering enterprises under condition of mass individualization of demand

Kolinko N.О., Krasulyak M.M.

Analyzing the state of the economy of the present day we see the need of use of innovative processes, as a basis of high-quality shifts. Under modern conditions of economic activity the innovation becomes a driving force of economic, technological, political, ecological and social development of society.
The system of management is an important element of activity of any enterprise, the management of innovative activity is a key element on which the efficiency of society development in general and activization of business activity in particular depends. It is doubtless that the satisfaction of needs of individual consumers demands perfect and effective management of innovative activity, in particular orientation of managers of engineering enterprises to individual needs of consumers and development of the latest strategy of development of production which would consider this feature. Within this new strategy there is mass individualization of demand in which two requirements to business are united - productivity and speed of mass production taking into account individual needs of the specific consumer and his features. In this regard a problem of studying of the management of innovative activity under conditions of a mass individualization of demand gets the special value.
The article reviews examples of realization of a mass individualization of demand at the foreign and domestic enterprises, in particular on machine-building, and their system of the management are reviewed. The carried-out analysis offers the scheme of management by innovative activity under conditions of mass individualization on which the interrelation between the managing director and operated system and result from innovative activity of the director with subordinates is represented under conditions of use of new strategy. For operating system a number of requirements inherent in the manager of innovative activity is allocated. The ability of application by the manager of certain habits, knowledge, values, abilities, thinking and qualities will render assistance to introduction at the enterprise of the new strategy of mass individualization of demand. For managed system the realization of mass individualization of demand is enabled through three stages: identification of needs of consumers, drawing up order and coordination of terms of the contract; production of mass individualization; production delivery to the customer and service. The adoption of administrative decisions, responsibility and the accountability is relied on team, instead of the individual. Ratios between satisfaction of individual needs of consumers and maximizing profits of the enterprise on the basis of attraction of new segments of the market are result of such team work.
The conducted research gives the chance to learn and understand profoundly the essence and the scheme of the management of innovative activity under conditions of mass individualization of demand which in turn will lead to satisfaction of individual needs of consumers through its personification and identification, minimize or eliminate costs associated with the storage of supplies, all subjects of interest in the success of the logistics chain personalized goods or services, the introduction of information technologies in the production process, involvement and organization of experienced professionals with an understanding of self-organization, a balanced distribution of resources in the innovation of the company. This study will increase the efficiency of innovation in the manufacture of machinery.