international standards

International legal standards of health: to characteristics of sources

International human rights protection is one of the most important tasks of modern international law and it is related to the concept of "human rights standards". By standardizing the rights and freedoms of the individual and the citizen, it is possible to recognize a particular legal system as democratic, that is, one that meets the democratic goals of human development. International legal standards in the field of health play a significant role in protecting human rights, and therefore there is a need for research.

Forced migration: international standards of internally displaced persons in the national legislation

The article addresses the problem of compliance of national legislation with international
standards regarding the protection of rights and interests of internally displaced persons,
dwells upon the differentiation of international standards regarding internally displaced
persons and refugees, substantiates the need for a cross-section of international law in the
national legislation of each country to ensure a maximally consistent approach in designation
of rights and freedoms of all persons in a democratic society.


The modern development of the state and the ever-growing competitive struggle require the search for new, more effective strategic capabilities of enterprises, among which social responsibility is of great importance. A comprehensive socio-economic study of social responsibility in Ukraine is now a time requirement.

National-legal harmonization of the institute of justice in the system of integration processes

The article deals with the problem of the national-legal harmonization of the institute of
justice in the system of integration processes and to determine the ways of bringing the
national legislation on the institute of justice in accordance with international standards. The
fundamental harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation on the institution of justice with
international standards directly depends on the stages of their implementation. We propose to
distinguish the following stages of harmonization processes in the field of the judiciary and the

Perspectives of integrated reporting

Reveals the importance of making the basic principles of international integrated
reporting, including the possibilities of transforming the economic model for the formation of
an objective financial data needed to manage financial capital. Identified deficiencies modern
standardized financial statements, including the alleged failure in her scorecard for social,
environmental and economic development.
The preconditions, problems and advantages of forming integrated reporting companies

The human right to die in natural way as part of the right’s to life content (modern Orthodox ideas in the light of international standards)

The article focuses on the human right for life, especially to human rights to be die in a natural way. Such important questions as euthanasia, capital punishment (death penalty) and premeditated murder are analyzed in the article. The article analyzes the modern 163 interpretation of the Orthodox Church appointed on the issue, mentioned before. This interpretation is also compared with international standards; similar and distinctive features are detected by the way.

Modern idea of the human’s right on marriage and family according to international standards

In the article there are characterized the main international standards of the human’s right on marriage and family. There is presented the modern Orthodox Church position according to this question. Also there is presented a comparison analysis of the Orthodox Church interpretation of the human’s right on marriage and family with international acts (standards).