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The Effectiveness of the Public Services Co-production Process - Results of a Systematic Literature Review

Nowadays co-production is seen as a valuable route to public service reform and to the planning and delivery of effective public services, which is gaining increasing attention. Despite this our understanding of co-production is limited and we still have a lot to learn about how and why coproduction works (and does not). Therefore there is a need to improve knowledge and ability to use co-production successfully. One of the unclear issues are the conditions under which co-production will most likely be effective and how important is trust in this context.


The aim of the article is to study transformation of public expenditures in the context of a
global trend of the digital economy development and the information society formation.
Based on the analysis of scientific publications, the fundamental approaches to
understanding public consumption and the system of state purchases have been determined. Public
expenditures are related to the provision of public goods and services to citizens to promote
economic, social and environmental sustainability: electricity and water supply, education,

Criminal legal personality characteristics of bribery, which provides public services for the legislation of Ukraine

This article investigates criminal legal description of bribing a person who provides a public service. Definitely essential content objective and subjective attributes corresponding elements of the crime, which is important for improving the practice of the new anti-corruption provisions of the criminal laws of Ukraine. Revealed incomplete implementation of the basic provisions of international anti-corruption conventions in domestic criminal law , in terms of determining the list of penal forms of bribery of a person who provides public services .

Administrative services and its relationship with related concept

The article analyzes the scientific approaches to one of the key concepts of modern administrative law - administrative services. A ratio of the concept of the contiguous. Thesis there is determined signs of “administrative services” and formulated the author's definition of this concept.