strategic planning

Strategic planning of a city development on the results of the previous strategic plan of its development

The goal of the article is to study the practice of strategic management of the development of territorial communities in Ukraine and to formulate recommendations on the principles of updating long-term and medium-term priorities of local development on this basis.

Formation of Corporate Strategy by the Enterprise Engaged in Foreign Economic Activity

The article proves the importance of corporate strategy formation and the significance of considering the current state of the economy by the enterprise engaged in foreign economic activity. The nature of the corporate strategy, as well as stages and principles of its creation are analyzed. Based on the analysis of domestic and foreign scientific developments, the definition of the concept “corporate strategy” is provided. The process of the corporate strategy formation is also considered.

Формалізація процесу стратегічного планування розвитку регіонального туризму в Україні.

Methodical approach is worked out in relation to formalization of process of the strategic
planning of development of regional tourism in Ukraine. In this approach such specific
features of the strategic planning are complex taken into account: simultaneous belonging to
politics of development of tourist industry of the state and socio-economic politics in the field of
development of regional tourism; intercommunication of the strategic planning is with a public