Procedures for assessing equal the “smartness” of a city

Environmental issues in the world are perhaps the most urgent nowadays. Issues of global warming, of environmental pollution, destruction of nature – these and other themes sound from media every day.

The main factors of the negative impact on the ecology of our planet are cities and great industries. Nowadays in cities live . of all humanity on the planet. Both big cities and small towns strive to achieve status “smart” city, some of them already reached this status, mostly the megacities.


Not only the ecological aspects of the construction projects, but also the energy savings and efficient construction solutions are currently a very discussed topic. In spite of still persisting prejudices against timber-based structures within our region Slovak Republic, wood-based construction systems are gradually beginning to assert themselves in the construction market. Because modern-minded investors and users are beginning to realize especially the ecological dimension of wood-based buildings. Of course, wood-based structures also have many other advantages and disadvantages.


The article analyzes the problem of carbon dioxide emissions in the construction industry and calculates the energy efficiency of an multicomfort house. The potential for energy savings and CO2 emission reductions remains largely untapped due to the removal of technologies from new construction, the lack of effective environmental policies and insignificant investments in energy efficient buildings.


For the first time, full data on the scientific and pedagogical work of Professor Volodymyr Nykyforov is published. The main stages of his work for 30 years are considered. The basic results of fundamental research and applied developments of the scientist are discussed.

Informational content of the high-scale magnetic and magnetometric investigations for prediction and monitoring of the geological environment

The main aspects of the study of the informational content of high-scale magnetic and magnetometric investigations are considered. It focuses on the analysis of information content of soil magnetism. Some examples of using this for solution of geological, environmental and agricultural problems are given.

Environmental safety issues temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and organizational and legal framework their solution

The article is devoted to the institutional and legal framework of environmental safety problems temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and rationale development strategy for regulatory support to overcome the consequences of the ecological crisis in the temporarily occupied territories, comprehensive program to overcome the effects of the fighting.

Formation of ecological culture, love to native nature in the futureworkers of law enforcement agencies

Here is considered the actual problem of formation of an ecological culture in the future
law enforcement officers as an important factor of love to native nature, small and big
Motherland, legal protection of legal environment

Contemporary architecture as a result of development of ecological building technologies and computer aided design

Currently there exist a variety of techniques and technologies associated with passive construction, energy-efficient smart homes, the use of renewable energy sources. The task of modern architects is the creative and innovative search for new functional and aesthetic architectural solutions that are technically and technologically conditioned to guarantee its users a healthy and secure life in a friendly environment.

Seismicity of Olesko area: ecological aspects

Earthquake of Olesky area and surrounding areas within the Lviv region and in particular some features of earthquakes in V. Mosty (1875) and Komarno (2007) as well as influence on a given territory from Vrancea zone earthquakes (in particular, the earthquake in 1838) are analyzed. According to foreign reports about the influence of the method of hydraulic fracturing on seismicity the conclusion about possible changes of seismic regime of the area and increase the possible danger to water resources of Lviv region from shale gas extraction were made. 

The results of detailed em soundings in the problem zone at the northern border of Dombrovsky quarry

The results of electro-magnetic diagnostics of the medium in the upper part of geological cut between river of Sivka and the northern border of quarry are presented. Time domain electromagnetic sounding has detected and quantitatively outlined a zone of anomalous conductivity associated with development of filtration-suffosion and karst processes in the gypsum-clay cap and in the ore body as a result of infiltration of river waters and atmospheric precipitations into water-bearing horizon, and their migration in the border zone at lower hypsometric dates.