In the article, the basic VHDL-AMS models of MEMS-based capacitive accelerometers were developed. The models were designed for two basic types of capacitive accelerometers, namely lamellar and counter-pivotal. The developed models allow us to determine the source of electrical capacitive accelerometers depending on the incoming mechanical and structural parameters and were constructed for MEMS CAD at the circuit level. The circuit level of MEMS development requires an analysis of the total integrated device electric circuits.

Modeling of internal diffusion mass transfer during filtration drying of capillary-porous material

The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies on the determination of the coefficients of internal diffusion of moisture from capillary-porous materials of plant origin during filtration drying, in particular, beet pulp, a by-product of sugar production.  A model based on the solution of the internal diffusion differential equation with the corresponding initial and boundary conditions were used to find the internal diffusion coefficient. 

An approach to modelling the impact of international migration on the economy of receiving country

Being an objective element of the global economic system, international migration produces a significant impact on the performance of individual countries nowadays. The economic impact of international migration is driven by various factors, primarily the type of international migration (labour migration, refugee migration, family migration, or student migration) and the legislation of a receiving country which determines the ability of international migrants to interact with the host country’s economy and to produce the respective impact.

Computer 3D modelling of chip geometry and force field in the hobbing process

Nowadays, the main method of machining the gears with a module in the range 1–25 mm, which are integral parts of modern machines, remains hobbing. Operations of the toothed crown processing determine the efficiency of the entire technological process of manufacturing gears. Thus, the time expenses and performance, the cost of the gears, and their final quality depend to a large extent on these indicators in operations of hobbing. Considering the importance of this process for mechanical engineering, considerable attention of scientists is devoted to its modelling.

Extending the features of software for reliability analysis of fault-tolerant systems

The developed software ASNA-2, which is an improved version of the software ASNA-1, is based on the technology of automated estimation of reliability indexes of fault-tolerant systems. This software is designed for automated evaluation of the reliability indexes of fault-tolerant hardware – software systems. This paper describes a software ASNA-2 with the peculiarities of procedures of  reliability analysis of fault-tolerant systems.

Analytical reliability model of a redundant repairable system with limited number of restorations

Modern complex mission-critical systems are built as fault-tolerant systems, i.e. having the ability to function while some of their separate elements have a fault. The complexity of such fault-tolerant systems makes their reliability models quite big and complex. Therefore, such requirements for building models, as the high level of credibility and the appropriate level of formalization, are imposed on these models, which allows to implement the automation to their creating and analysis of reliability and, therefore, using modern computer tools.

Solving of radioelectronic systems combinatorial optimization problems with ms excel solver

Possibilities of modelling optimization design problems as the extreme combinatorial graph problems and solving them in MS Excel Solver are studied. Drawbacks of existing models from considering their realization in MS Excel Solver are analyzed.

Experimental diagnostics and static assessment of fire damaged steel structure

In the paper are presented the results of diagnostics, tests of materials, numerical modelling and static analysis of the current state of the bearing steel structure of the hall after a fire and design of the actions for the repair of the damaged steel structural members.

Self-similar model of cloud data warehouse load

This article presents the results of the practical study of real load cloud storage. The dynamic characteristics of incoming and outgoing traffic and distribution capacity server hardware are established. It has enabled a dynamic model load construction and the opportunity to practically demonstrate the feasibility of using fractal models. Temporal self-similarity parameters have been revealed. Implemented self-similar model of load allows accurately predict the workload in the time context.