Main difficulties of organization of elite work process in Ukraine in the modern period of development

The article outlines the main difficulties of organizing the work of the management elite in Ukraine in the modern period of its development and presents the basic practical principles for improving the work of the elite in the modern conditions of state development. Thus, it is determined that the process of organizing the work of the elite today due to the development of various socio-economic changes is somewhat problematic, because it is the representatives of political elites can not ensure appropriate economic and social development in public administration.

Mathematical study of energy characteristics of centrifugal pump with single-vane impeller

In the article, the design of a centrifugal pump with a single-vane impeller is described and a theoretical calculation of such a pump is provided.  The analysis of experimental investigations and the comparison with theoretical calculations are carried out.  For the first time, the operating characteristics of a pump with a single-vane impeller of this type are obtained for different values of the rotation frequency.

The problem of defining the concept of public power in the theory of state and law

The issues of the public authority nature and content are analyzed, and the scientific approaches of this concept understanding are characterized in this scientific article. On the basis of this, the public power structure, features and the main implementation forms are clarified. In particular, attention is drawn to the correlation of socio-political, state and public authorities. The common and distinctive features are determined, in particular, the author draws attention on the nature of the exercise of such power, the subject structure and territory.

Determination of instantaneous values of power components in an electronic voltage and current transformer

The method of determining instantaneous power components is based on the application of the p-q-r theory. The implementation of this method allows analyzing the components of instantaneous power and using the data for the purposes of various secondary systems.

Dialogue executive authorities and civil society

In the article the problems of executive power in Ukraine. Particular attention is paid
wikis interaction between government and civil society. Determine the need to intensify
dialogue following aspects of public and government: establishing interaction by improving
the functioning of public authorities; intensification of the dialogue by providing opportunities
for citizens to participate in public affairs; the use of new information technologies to improve governance, inter alia through the initiative "Partnership" Open Government; strengthening

System of Mode Variables of Energy Circuits

Modern energy systems feature diversity of elements and combination of processes and phenomena of various physical natures. Mathematical modelling of such systems relies on the tools of the theory of energy circuits. One of the major problems of this theory is formation of the unified system of interrelated variables which allow describing phenomena in circuits of various physical natures. Such a system of variables is underlain by the principle of energy analogy, which is based on the fundamental law of nature - the law of conservation of energy.

Violence as a political and legal program in theoretical concepts of marxism and its social consequences

The problem of violence in the theoretical concepts of Karl Marx and Friadrich Engels, as political and legal program dictatorship of the proletariat, role of the army and police in bourgeois and socialist society, implementation of Marxist ideals dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR and its social consequences.

Nihilismas the opposite of legal culture and deformation of justice

This paper addresses the problem of the historical origins of nihilism as a social phenomenon, its development and existence of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union and its negative effects, which take place in the modern construction of the independent Ukrainian state. Particular emphasis is on the role of the legal nihilism as the opposite of legal culture and strains of modern youth justice in Ukraine.