Peculiarities of the human rights protection mechanism in criminal proceedings

Adequate legal protection in the criminal process plays a leading role, as it is an
extremely important and obligatory element of state and public development, and serves as the
basis for the formation of a democratic rule of law and civil society. Building a rule of law is
impossible without respecting the guarantees of human rights protection, without providing a
clear mechanism for the functioning of such a specific democratic institution, such as the bar.
The value of legal institutions that are called upon to protect human rights is growing

Legal activity in the economy

The professionalism of the lawyer most complete and versatile manifested in the
activities, behavior and communication. According to scientific sources, activities – a person
active interaction with the environment, during which a person acts as an action focused on an
object and thus satisfy their needs. Activity – specific form of relationship to the world and
himself, as manifested in purposeful change and transformation of the world and human

Description of court-book-keeping examination

In the article a concept and maintenance of court-book-keeping are certain examination
in the field of economic activity. The scientific concepts ofcourt-book-keeping examination are
investigational. An object and objects of research court-book-keeping examination are certain.
Basic tasks are outlined and a list over of questionsis brought that belong to the expertaccountant
for their decision. Methods and methods of realization of court-book-keeping
examination are described.

Description of commodity judicial-expert examination of commodities of folk consumption

In the article a concept and maintenance are certain commodity judicial-expert examination of commodities of folk consumption and services. Scientific looks are described to the concept of commodity judicial-expert examination of commodities of folk consumption and services. The basic objects of commodity judicial-expert examination are certain. The basic tasks of commodity judicial-expert examination of commodities of folk consumption and services are outlined.

Responsibility for environmental, including st.246 – illegal cutting of forests

Destruction of forests in Ukraine is one of the current challenges that concern not only environmental, but also ordinary citizens. Uncontrolled deforestation, especially in winter, reaches a critical level. Every day, thousands of illegally felled trees. Experts note that the most objective of reducing the area of the Ukrainian forests and felling oldest arrays show pictures from space.

Conceptualisation of notions “model” and “modelling” in scientific studies

Some particular aspects of modeling method in scientific research have been outlined in the article. Philosophic maxims on which the model concept is based were suggested. The generalized model definition, its characteristics and typology were represented in the article

Kant's ideas and their influence on the formation of natural and scientific hypothesis of the space

The author considers evolution and transformation definition of space in Kant’s philosophy. Kant’s conception of space had a big and important influence on natural scientific knowledge. I emphasize that Kant’s conception of space has been changed. In the beginning of his scientific career, Kant was considered space as absolutely and objective. It is almost the same as Isaac Newton’s conception of space. German philosopher does think about absoluteness of space as independent from human perception. The article explains that objective space has itself parameters — move and orderliness.

Concept of law: philosophical outlook

The article is an attempt to research the logical analysis of the concept of law as the basis for a system of philosophical ideas about it. Following the analysis of a significant number of scientific papers concluded that the content of the law in some way dependent on the philosophical foundations of law. The problem of philosophical foundations of philosophy of law, methodological principles defined philosophical school of the designated topics.

The place of the transcendent in classical and non-classical theories of cognition

Thearticle researches some issues of classical and non-classical approaches to understanding of cognition. The author examines perculiarities of classical and non-classical understanding of knowledge subject, cognition object and cognition process as a whole. In this contest displays of the transcendental were analyzed. The problem of transcendental is one of the most important in philosophical agenda. It determines main features of methodology and content of exclusively philosophical discourse.

Інформаційна технологія та програмна система оцінювання опінії висловлювань

ticle is devoted to the information technology and software for opinion mining and sentiment analysis of messages. The information technology based on using linguistic variables and applying the weighting coefficients for sentiment analysis concerning a certain object is proposed in the article. Implemented software allows tracking quantitative charecteristics of opinion on objects and comparing their integral indicators in visual interface.