Acrylic plant oil-based monomers with high content of oleic acid esters

: 230-236
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
North Dakota State University

New acrylic monomers were obtained via transesterification of olive, canola, and high-oleic soybean oils by N-hydroxyethylacrylamide. The kinetic features of homopolymerization of these monomers were studied and the influence of linoleic (C18: 2) and linolenic (C18: 3) acid esters on the polymerization rate and the molecular weight of homopolymers were compared. It was found that the chain transfer and propagation rate constants increase in monomer’s range: olive (CM = 0.016) <high-oleic soybean (CM = 0.018) <canola (CM = 0.025). Features of homopolymerization are associated with varying degrees of unsaturation of fatty acid fragments.

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