Department of of Architecture and Restoration Lviv Polytechnic National University

Wood is a material used to create works of art, architecture and has been known to people for thousands of years. In Ukraine there is a huge number of outstanding works of architectural, art, decorative, sacred, industrial and utilitarian nature. Significant efforts are being made by conservation and museum workers to preserve and care for such works. The article provides information about the history of using wood to create works of art and architecture. The complex of art history, technological, nature protection and conservation-restoration information is generalized and the holistic understanding of the important role research and preservation of works, made with the wood use is given. The history of the woodworking industry in Ukraine was studied by S. Hensiruk, O. Furdychko, V. Bondar, and the specifics of artistic woodworking craft were analyzed by B. Suliak, M. Serhieieva. Peculiarities of Ukrainian wooden architecture were studied Y. Taras, L. Prybieha, Y. Ivashko, H. Shevtsova. Important information on the experience of preserving the cultural heritage of Ukraine can be found in the publication from O. Rybchynsky. This article analyzes the areas of wood application as a basis for the manufacture of art works, and architectural construction. The specifics of the use wooden in sacred architecture, art, decorative and applied arts of Ukraine are outlined. The types made of wooden art works are determined and their role in the Ukrainian culture is established. It is substantiated that the preservation of valuable art works is a very important task for conservation science and society in general. The author reveals the main problems of preservation and the reason for the destruction of wooden art works, and to implement the correct methods of preserving wooden objects, an interdisciplinary, synthetic approach is needed. All works of wood are constantly under the destructive influence of many factors, and the article identifies modern ways to overcome the problem of destruction wooden art works and basic care for them.

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