: pp. 29-34
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lvivtransgaz Mainline Gas Pipelines Office of the JSC Ukrtransgas

Strengthening the legislative and international requirements for environmental protection and the need to optimize the energy consumption in the gas transportation system of Ukraine, requires the comprehensive monitoring of the environment as well as the lowering the energy consumption of Ukrainian gas transportation production facilities. In particular, JSC "Ukrtransgas", 2001 has started the works in introduction an integrated management system based on a combination of environmental management system ISO 14001 and energy management systems ISO 50001. The development of unified approach on integration of the ecological and energy management systems is so urgent that the company has developed and approved strategy, which goals are the improvement of environmental and energy efficiency. Within the framework of integrated management system, the complex work with the set of several international standards is developed and implemented forming the certain system. The latter means a part of overall management system that meets the requirements of two or more standards which proceed simultaneously as a single entity. Currently the essence of combining and integrating the system of energy and ecological management ISO 50001: 2011 and ISO 14001: 2015 allows define the ways of optimal fuel and energy resources (natural gas) usage, reduce their environmental impact, determine the energetic and environmental risks system.

Despite the mentioned significant achievements in the field of integration of ecological and energy management systems, the comprehensive approach to environmental monitoring and energy consumption at Ukrtransgas JSC systems is absent: there exists only an approach for planning and implementing the planned indicators, verification (internal audit) and possibilities to improve the planned activities as well as initial analysis of financial indicators of energy consumption and environmental expenditures.

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