Fractionation of Oil Mixture into Jet and Diesel Fuel. Simulation and Optimization in ChemCad

: pp. 669 - 677
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The jet and diesel fuels production line has been simulated using the universal simulating program ChemCad. The choice of the rectification process calculation module was substantiated. The Grayson-Streed and Lee Kesler models were used for the calculation of the thermodynamic system and the phase equilibrium of the multicomponent mixture. The model of an oil mixture distillation unit for jet and diesel fuels production has been developed. The temperature profile of the column was obtained; the optimization problem was solved by finding the minimum number of trays in the distillation column. As a result, the optimal reflux ratio and optimal feed tray were defined, allowing to minimize energy consumption. The energy balance of the distillation column has been determined and calculated.

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