Effect of Barium Salts on Physico-Chemical and Catalytic Properties of Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst for Oxidative Amonolysis of Isobutyl Alcohol


Vyacheslav Zhyznevskiy, Volodymyr Gumenetskiy, Olena Matskiv and Olena Shyshchak

The effect of barium salts (nitrate, sulphate, chloride) on the physico-chemical and catalytic properties of Fe:Te:Mo (1:0.85:1) oxide catalyst has been determined for oxidative amonolysis of isobutyl alcohol (IBA) to methacrylonitrile (MAN). The catalyst doped with BaCl2 (Ba/Mo = 0.1) was found to be the best catalyst relatively to the MAN yield. It has been shown that the promotors increase the catalyst specific surface and affect catalyst surface acidity improving the catalyst efficiency.

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