List of Topics

The scope of the scientific journal “Energy Engineering and Control Systems” includes (but not limited to) the following topics.

Heading 1: Energy Engineering


  • heat engineering and heat power engineering
  • nuclear power engineering
  • hydro power engineering
  • wind power engineering
  • renewable and alternative sources of energy
  • heating, ventilation and conditioning
  • energy efficient technologies in industry and in household sector
  • energy audit and energy management
  • saving and efficient consumption of energy carriers
  • electric power systems and networks
  • energy saving by means of automated electric drives
  • electromechanical systems and electric drives
  • environmental engineering

Heading 2: Control Systems


  • industrial automation systems
  • telemechanization and dispatching
  • supervisory control and data acquisition
  • microprocessor engineering and controllers
  • algorithms and programming for problems in automation
  • simulation and optimization of technological plants and control systems
  • control of electromechanical systems and electric drives
  • simulation of dynamical processes in electromechanical systems
  • theoretical aspects and application of up-to-date control theory methods
  • signal processing in measurement and control systems (ADC, DAC, wavelet transform etc)
  • devices and methods for measurement of physical values in power engineering
  • devices and methods for defining and monitoring fluid compositions
  • non-destructive methods of control
  • measurement of flow rate and volume of energy carriers
  • definition of balances and losses of energy carriers in the transportation and distribution networks
  • definition of qualitative indexes in power engineering
  • gas analytical equipment