Processes of faulting in the sources of perceptible earthquakes in the Precarpathians and Transcarpathians

: pp. 295 - 297
Received: August 01, 2013
Subbotin Institute of Geophysics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Crimean expert council on estimation of seismic hazard and forecast of earthquakes
Subbotin Institute of Geophysics ofNational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Purpose. Getting new knowledge about the processes in the centers and focal areas of perceptible  earthquakes in the Pre-Carpathians  And  Trans-Carpathians . Methodology. To study the processes of faulting we used a technique which is based on the notion of the source as  a moving, extended source.The parameters of azimuth hodograph τ (Az) - travel time of focal waves Pi –are used to determine  the length of the rupture, the rate of its ripping, the propagation direction of the rupture in the focal zone of the earthquake. The results are compared with the maps of  isoseismals and tectonics of the earthquake area. Results. The rupture parameters in perceptible earthquakes foci: Mikulinetsky (2002), Kolchinsky (2006) and Beregovsky (2006) have been restored. With weaker Kolchinsky and Mikulinetskom earthquakes hodograph τ (Az) has one maximum, which corresponds to the unidirectional tear.During Beregovsky earthquake the ripping process in the source was complex  developing in two opposite directions from the initial hypocenter: in the azimuths Az1 = 290º and Az2 = 110º along the stretch of Pripannonsky  deep fault and the major elongation axis of isoseismals. The ripping speed  in all cases did not exceed the value of C = 5 km / s. It is shown that in the focal areas of the studied earthquakes the faulting processes developed along active deep faults of diagonal orientation. The linear dimensions L and the time of the foci "life" T within the error of value determination corresponded to those of average long-term relationships L(Кр) and T (L). for this energy level.
Scientific novelty. New data about the faulting processes in the focal areas of the studied earthquakes have been obtained for the first time. They complement the existing statistics on focal parameters in Trans-Carpathians region and extend the energy range in the direction of both small (Kolchinsky) and  stronger (Beregivske) seismic events. . Practical significance. New data on the kinematic parameters of the source zones of relatively weak shocks in the Pre-Carpathians  and  Trans-Carpathians serve as the basis for constructing models of strong earthquake sources for long-term seismic hazard assessment of the area under study, and predictive modeling of seismic effects.

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