Administrative and legal counteraction of kiberbuling in children

The article explores the meaning of the concept of «cyberbullying», which in recent
years has become widespread in the children’s environment and is an extremely negative
phenomenon. The description of administrative and legal measures for countering
cyberbullying is given, some directions of improvement of the norms of the current legislation
in this area are outlined.

Adapting features of medium stories dense development for children’s needs


У статті проаналізовано містобудівельні та просторово-планувальні обмеження щільної забудови у розплануванні простору для дітей. Визначено критерії та умови відповідності середовища потребам дітей. Висвітлено проблематику місця розташування дитячих майданчиків.

System of public authorities carrying out crime prevention among children: the experience of foreign countries

The article is devoted to the analysis of activity of foreign countries in the field of prophylaxis of offences among minor in some European countries, the USA and Japan, in fact one of priority tasks of modern legal doctrine is activation of conducting of comparatively-legal researches at the level of of particular a branch sciences.

General description of the statusof subjects of offences prevention among children

The author of the article examines juridical and philosophical interpretation of the legal
status of the subjects of offences prevention among children. Existing classification of the
subjects of offences prevention among children is studied. The author of the article gives
propositions for improving the prevention activities of these bodies.

Генератор проектів системних трансформацій освітніх комплексів для дітей з особливими потребами

The paper describes the principles of designing and building an intellectual information system to generate prognosis, plans and recommendations as to provide high-quality conditions of education of children with special needs in a comprehensive school. The forming of the structure of the system is proposed and substantiated, available classes of potential users and their systemic roles are analyzed.

Children’s medical and social rehabilitation centers as subjects of drug addiction prevention

The author of the article analyzes the activities of children’s medical and social rehabilitation centers and points out main reasons of the growth of drug addiction among minors. In the article attention is focused on the necessity of different types of children’s
medical and social rehabilitation centers creation.