civil society institutions

Theoretical and methodological principles of development of the communicative system of public administration

The necessity of forming a communicative system of public administration as a way of ensuring the coordination of activities of state, self-governing, public and media authorities in management of social processes is grounded. The theoretical and methodological principles of formation of the communicative system of public management and its structural and functional model are defined.

Coherencing the competences of local government authorities and executive bodies in the context of public administration

Problem setting. An important prerequisite and key to successful implementation of the strategic course for the implementation of European standards of living in Ukraine and its entry into the leading positions in the world is the reform of public administration and decentralization in order to create an effective, transparent, open, flexible structure of public administration, transition from the centralized model of government in the state, ensuring the capacity of local self-government and building an effective system of territorial organization of government in Ukraine.

Philosophical and legal fundamentals of civil society model in the theoretical concepts of A. Gramsche and T. Parsons

The article, based on the theoretical concepts of A. Gramsci and T. Parsons, defines the philosophical and legal foundations of the civil society model. In the twentieth century. some attempts have been made to develop a theory of civil society on a foundation. First of all, it should be noted such well-known scientists as A. Gramsch and T. Parsons, who were influenced by the teachings of G. Hegel and at the same time made adjustments to his theory, comparing civil society and economy, civil society and the state.

The role of public organizations in the formation of the ideology of modernization of the ukrainian society

The article defines the role of public organizations in shaping the ideology ofmodernization of Ukrainian society. Analyzing the activity of modern civil society institutionsin the context of forming the ideology of modernization of the Ukrainian society, we haveidentified the following trends. Civil society institutions are actively involved in the formationof a state course aimed at solving current problems of the Ukrainian society.

Legal basis of civil society and its interaction with the public authori

The main theoretical legal principles and prerequisites of the concept of civil society forming in the theoretical and legal thought, the current state of interaction between civil society and public authorities are examined. The problems facing towards the introduction and implementation of democratic values of civil society, and solutions through reasonable balance of interests of public authorities and civil society in Ukraine are analyzed.