The role of public organizations in the formation of the ideology of modernization of the ukrainian society

: 10-17

Harasymiv T. Z. "The role of public organizations in the formation of the ideology
of modernization of the ukrainian society"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article defines the role of public organizations in shaping the ideology ofmodernization of Ukrainian society. Analyzing the activity of modern civil society institutionsin the context of forming the ideology of modernization of the Ukrainian society, we haveidentified the following trends. Civil society institutions are actively involved in the formationof a state course aimed at solving current problems of the Ukrainian society. This process isrealized through the attraction of scientific potential, which is characterized by proper ethicaland intellectual-professional level, the dynamic creation of think tanks, thorough study ofpublic opinion and holding prompt public hearings. Analyzing the direct influence of civilsociety institutions on the development of ideology, it should be noted that in the process ofmodernization, the decisive importance of their activities is that they integrate the number,ambiguity of personal interests of individual individuals, social strata, interest groups in thegeneral interest of society. not possible without synchronous political, legal and socio-economicstabilization of Ukrainian society. It is from the choice of modes and mechanisms ofstabilization that the pulse of Ukraine will modernize, create a post-industrial society.

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