Features of transnational criminal organizations

Studying of organized crime is an important task not only for theoreticians but for practitioners as well. No less important is the development of effective measures for prevention of illegal activities of such groups. The peculiarity of the above mentioned organizations is that their activities usually inflict harm not only on individuals or legal entities but also threaten entire brunches of national economies and jeopardize the proper functioning or even the existence of the latter.

Criminological characteristics of domestic violence on minors

In the article the objective expression of Juvenile violent crime, namely psychological impact and physical action. In addition, the author analyzes the concept of the family in the context of criminal law science and practice its use as a term of reference to minors under the law of Ukraine. Also, a study of terminological approach to modeling violent behavior for juveniles, the author concludes that the replacement of certain terms within the criminal law.

Issues of liability of legal entities for violation of privacy

We study the question of criminal liability of legal persons for violation of privacy. The experience of foreign European Union Member States whose legislation contains the relevant rule. The conclusion about the feasibility of supplementing the list of crimes for which responsible legal person and a crime, criminal responsibility for which is stipulated in article 182 of the criminal
code of Ukraine. The author justifies his proposal by the fact that the human right to privacy is one of the fundamental rights provided for in international instruments.

Criminal and criminal procedural measures to overcome the counteraction during the investigation of official crimes

The article is dedicated to research the features of criminal and criminal procedural measures in overcoming counteraction in case of crime investigation in the sphere of official activity and formulation of the proposals for improving the current legislation of Ukraine.

Extortion of bribes in connection with, the criminal legislation of Ukraine

In the article the genesis of the concept of legal extortion. Defined the specific features of
the request, in connection with the bribes. It was found that the provisions of the Criminal
Code of Ukraine demanding undue advantage is seen as a sign of qualified bribery. Instead,
the provisions of international anti-corruption conventions extortion undue advantage is a
separate form of bribery. Proved that in today harmonization of the provisions of the Criminal Code of Ukraine in accordance with international standards, countering bribery will help to

The poligraph in the process of overcoming the counteraction to investigation of crimes in the sphere of service activity: reality today

The article investigates the algorithms use the polygraph as a means to overcome
resistance process of investigation and detection of crimes in the sphere of service activity

Crime as a form of deviant child behavior (analysis of crimes committed by minors or with their participation in the territory of Ukraine for the period 2005–2014 and 9 months of 2015)

This article is devoted to analysis of crimes committed by minors or with their
participation in the territory of Ukraine for the period 2005-2014 years and 9 months of 2015;
crimes committed by juveniles or with their participation on the territory of Ukraine for the
period 2013-2014 years and 9 months of 2015

The criminal-law adjusting of punishment in the type of fine needs perfection

In the settlement of legal status of punishment in the type of fine it is possible the
extraordinarily meaningful stage to count an acceptance and introduction in an action of Bill
of Ukraine “About making alteration to some legislative acts of Ukraine in relation to
humanizing of responsibility for offence in the field of economic activity”.
Among the most meaningful changes in legal status of punishment in the type of fine,
brought in by the mentioned law, following: а) the maximal size of punishment in the type of fine is

Right to protection of minors detained for an offense as prevention of deviant behavior (on the example of Lviv region)

This article focuses on the elucidation of the mechanism of the right to free legal aid to
minors, detained for a crime in miskrayorhanah Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region as
prevention of deviant child behavior