Features of transnational criminal organizations

: 486 - 490

К. Marysyuk «Features of transnational criminal organizations» http://science.lpnu.ua/law/all-volumes-and-issues/volume-1-number-861-13...

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

Studying of organized crime is an important task not only for theoreticians but for practitioners as well. No less important is the development of effective measures for prevention of illegal activities of such groups. The peculiarity of the above mentioned organizations is that their activities usually inflict harm not only on individuals or legal entities but also threaten entire brunches of national economies and jeopardize the proper functioning or even the existence of the latter. As for the most complex and most sophisticated type of organized criminal groups – transnational criminal organizations – one can state that their activities endanger not only the national economies of separate states but they also threaten social, economic and political stability of entire regions and, sometimes, the whole world.

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