criminal proceedings

Analysis of scientific approaches to the definition of judicial discretion

In the article the question of the definition in the scientific interpretation of the concept of judicial discretion. On the basis of the analysis seems possible to display a single definition of judicial discretion investigating judge in criminal proceedings, given the peculiarity of his judicial authority in criminal proceedings for the control of the rights and freedoms of participants in criminal proceedings. It is explained the choice of terms, basic expressions included in the explanation of judicial discretion investigating judge.

On the organization of crime scene investigation during the investigation of serial sex murders

The article covers certain key issues of criminal process and criminalistics concerning the crime scene investigation during the investigation of serial sex murders. Besides, the author  supports an idea of a number of scientists that crime scene investigation is an urgent investigative action that is conducted with the aim to reveal and record information on the circumstances of crime and it should be processed efficiently, timely and competently so as not to lose evidences.

The problem of tracing a suspect in the criminal proceedings: some aspects of international cooperation

The article examines the question of the suspect wanted in criminal proceedings in the context of certain aspects of international cooperation, regulated by international treaties and international legal acts recognized by Ukraine. We give the definition and types of international cooperation in criminal proceedings, and noted that international arrest suspects accused in the Interpol system – is part of international cooperation among States in combating crime.

Procedural guidance as separate function of public prosecutor

The article dеals with the implementation of procedural guidance performed by the prosecutor during pre-trial investigation. It proves its importance and necessity of separation of procedural guidance function during pre-trial investigation and function of supervision of the observance of laws in activity of law enforcement authorities, which is not related to the pre-trial investigation.

Grounds and procedure of temporary access to items and documents application

The article covers issues concerning the question of criminal procedure during the application of temporary access to items and documents. It is reasoned that the Code of criminal procedure of Ukraine recognizes temporary access to items and documents as lawful voluntary act and on the basis of court decision. Besides, there are analyzed the form of admission to the investigative judge, court with the petition for the temporary access to items and documents, its decision, enforcement and outcomes of non-execution.

On public-legal protection of human rights in ukraine in the context of criminal and administrative-tort proceedings

In the article investigate the content and procedural mechanism to ensure public legal protection in the context of criminal and administrative tort proceedings. A category of “publicly-legal protection of human rights” consider within the separation of criminal law and administrative tort. Separately, analyzes measures and means of public-legal protection of human rights, as components of the mechanism of protection of social relations.

Circumstances to be proof in criminal proceedings in the Investigation of narcotics

The article is devoted to the analysis of the evidences to be proved in criminal proceedings at the time of drug trafficking investigation, psychotropic substances its analogues and precursors orfalsified medicine. Besides, it is determined that the subject of a crime lies within the scope of evidences that must be proved in drug trafficking investigation, envisaged in article 305 of the criminal code of Ukraine. It is admitted that the subject of proof is common for the whole criminal procedure, moreover, it is specified while investigating in every concrete case.

Historical and legal analysis refutation suspicion (charges) in the context of protection functions in criminal proceedings

The article is devoted to the historical legal research of a specific form of criminal protection meaning refutation of suspicion (accusation). It is accentuated the need of a retrospective experience combination taking into account advocacy and prosecution. Besides, there are emphasized key elements in the formation of the refutation process in criminal proceedings.

Certain aspects of criminal procedure in a form of private accusation

The article is dedicated to the review of topical questions of criminal procedure that arise while application of legal institute of private accusation. Besides, certain issues of procedural employment of criminal proceedings in a form of private accusation according to the criminal procedure of Ukraine. The author accentuates on procedural status of the victim in criminal procedure in a form of private accusation.