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Principles of civil service аs the basis of administrative transformations in the state

Abstract. The article analyzes the «state service» category, which is one of the institutions through which important functions of state power are implemented. It is emphasized that the present with a high degree of probability proves the need for constant improvement of legal support for the activities of state authorities, which aims to solve urgent problems in the state caused by a number of factors, among which are global transformational processes that are taking place in almost all key spheres of state and social life.

Corruption in Ukraine as a result of systemic inefficient state administration

The article analyzes corruption as a result of inefficient public administration in our country. It is noted that it is the state that is obliged to carry out purposeful activities in the fight against corruption at all levels of state power by creating a state-legal mechanism for eradicating corruption, eliminating the prerequisites for its existence through the implementation of a system of preventive measures, both legal and organizational.

Modern tendencies and challenges concerning corporate culture forming under conditions of public administration reforming

The main issues of formation and development of the corporate culture in the framework of the reforming of public administration system are considered. On the basis of the study and analysis of the experiences of other European countries, modern tendencies in public administration science and practice, the best national and international practices, the relevant proposals on further development of the corporate culture are prepared.

Adaptation of civil service personnel

The article reviews theoretical foundations of adaptation of civil servants. The definition of the concept “adaptation” in scientific literature is given as well as the author’s definition of “adaptation of civil servants” is formulated. Basic stages of adaptation are defined and practical recommendations for organizing this process in public authorities are given.

Administrative and legal regulation of the behavior of individual categories of persons in social networks

The article analyzes the state of legal regulation of information placement on social networks by public officials. It is noted that social networks have become the standard channel of social communication between people. Public officials use social networks as one of the most powerful tools in communication with citizens and among themselves, as well as a platform for discussing important socio-political issues and discussions. This situation requires proper legal regulation of the behavior of the relevant persons on social networks.

Legal protection of professional training of state civil servants of Ukraine

The article reveals the theoretical and practical aspects of administrative law, which regulate the problems related to vocational training of civil servants of Ukraine. The stages of civil service reform and relevant training of civil servants have been analyzed. It is proved that vocational training of civil servants is one of the important directions in the system of staffing  of public administration by highly effective and competent personnel. That professional training is the basis for increasing the efficiency of the state apparatus in Ukraine.

Formation of state personnel policy in law enforcement sector of Ukraine

The article deals with the state personnel policy in law enforcement sector as an important factor of the development of the society and the element of self-regulation of the population life. The author considers the formation of the state personnel policy as a system of public agencies of personnel sphere.