Historical and legal analysis of the administrative nature of the state coordination function in corruption counteraction

The research paper examines and carries out atheoretical generalization of the scientific importance of various historical and legal views on the concepts and features of the administrative-legal and coordination function of the state based on the analysis of achievements in the legal doctrine of administrative law. The problematic aspects of historical-legal and administrative-legal provisions of the coordination between the entities of the corruptioncounteraction are analyzed in the article.

Board games market of Ukraine: current state and development prospects

The analyzed market of board games is quite widespread in the world. This market is only gaining momentum and becomes interesting in the future in Ukraine, as it is potentially large-scale and not yet saturated with goods. Indeed, the market is gradually changing and there was a particular jump during the lockdown when people got into board games. Therefore, the article reviews the board games market, which, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, had a different impact on the enterprise’s activities in this field of activity.


Observation of the surface water state is carried out to determine its quality (contaminant content) based on the results of analytical control. The analysis of surface water was made according to the polluting sources of the object. It resulted in the proposed management decisions on directions and measures to improve the state of surface water.

“Zamach na rozum” – rzetelne dziennikarstwo czy nieodpowiedzialna pogoń za sensacją?

Mass media zrewolucjonizowały życie współczesnego człowieka. Stały się ważnym źródłem informacji, narzędziem kształtowania różnych postaw i zainteresowań. Ich znaczenie jest szczególnie widoczne w rosnąco lawinowym cyfrowym komunikowaniu społecznym.

Life and Scientific Priorities of Professor Myroslav Malovanyy

This article describes the life and scientific priorities of professor Myroslav Malovanyy. It also provides details and results of a joint research with his students of a liquid media treatment from different types of pollution. The main research and its results are illustrated, as well as environmental technologies that were developed by using the archived results.

Процес міграції та адсорбції мінеральних добрив у ґрунті

The  influence  of  the  adsorption  process  of mineral  fertilizers  on  the  penetration  and retention  in  the  pores  of  the  soil  environment  of  various  components  of  fertilizers  was investigated. Experimental  researches  both  of  adsorption  properties  of  the  soil  environment and migration process of components of fertilizers in vertical soil profile were done.  

Investigation of accuracy of the coordinates by GNSS RTK mode

The accuracy of determining the coordinates of points by S82T SOUTH GNSS receiver in RTK method is investigated. Work was carried on educational and scientific geodesic polygon of NU LP. Spatial coordinates, normal height and distance between points are determined and compared with the same data obtained by static method, leveling and measurements of distances by dashed dimensional devices.