Main threats to the development and security of society in modern Ukraine

The article states that today, due to inefficient socio-economic development of Ukraine and the presence of numerous external and internal factors of influence, there are real threats that threaten the development of economically important indicators of state development and lead to deepening crisis.

Actual problems of personnel selection of the political-administrative elite of Ukraine: theoretical aspect

The article reveals the problem of usage of favoritism, nepotism and cronyism in Ukraine in the process of political and administrative elite formation. The theoretical material, which contains information on the interpretation of definitions of “favoritism”, “nepotism”, “cronyism” and a list of power elite models, is presented. The most prevalent scientific views on the practicability of personnel selection based on family, close personal and other relationships are considered.

Problems of society development in the context of activities of the ukrainian elite

The article states that given the numerous socio-economic problems of modern development of Ukraine, the question of the existence of problems of practical activities of the national elite in Ukraine, because any socio-economic development of the population directly depends on its leaders, who through their functions determine key directions and strategies of socio-economic development and are the subjects of state formation processes.

Determination of elite influence on the processes of state formation of modern Ukraine

The article defines that the managerial elite plays an important role in the formation and development of the state in general, because it combines the functions of power with a significant material base and endowed with managerial capabilities. Thus, it is determined that the development of the state or its decline depends on the correctness of the action, as a result of which its key problems of activity, influence on the development of the country's processes are defined below, as a result of which key principles.

Main difficulties of organization of elite work process in Ukraine in the modern period of development

The article outlines the main difficulties of organizing the work of the management elite in Ukraine in the modern period of its development and presents the basic practical principles for improving the work of the elite in the modern conditions of state development. Thus, it is determined that the process of organizing the work of the elite today due to the development of various socio-economic changes is somewhat problematic, because it is the representatives of political elites can not ensure appropriate economic and social development in public administration.

The political elite’s activities issues and the major waysto improve their process

The article outlines the specific features of the current political elite, discusses the main problems
of its activity in the state and on that basis offers the basic ways to improve the process of work of the
political elite in order to improve the socio-economic development of the state and society as a whole.