Main threats to the development and security of society in modern Ukraine

Kristinyak M.
"Main threats to the development and security of society in modern Ukraine"

Educational and Scientific Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education Lviv Polytechnic National University Senior Laboratory Assistant, Department of Administrative and Information Law

The article states that today, due to inefficient socio-economic development of Ukraine and the presence of numerous external and internal factors of influence, there are real threats that threaten the development of economically important indicators of state development and lead to deepening crisis. The current process of the administration is determined by a number of shortcomings that bring a certain imbalance in socio-economic development, which became the main condition for the formation of a number of threats that could lead to even greater destruction of economic development and deepening the current economic crisis. The views of modern scholars on the activities of the government system are presented and the main threats in the context of government activities are identified. Some theses of the peculiarities of the hybrid war have been studied, and it has been studied that the Russian Federation poses a threat to Ukrainian society due to its unpredictability and the use of society as an object and at the same time an instrument of aggression. And the centralized state mechanism of the Russian Federation, which participates in its aggression, is actively using the weaknesses of the existing security system of Ukraine, which needs further improvement. It is investigated that at the present stage it is possible to identify a number of reasons for the low effectiveness of countering hybrid warfare as a result of threats, in this regard, the main recommendations for reducing the negative impact and improving the existing level of security. It is studied that the countries of the Eastern Partnership and the EU have become part of the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation, so their experience in this dimension may also be relevant for Ukraine. Certain research shows that the existing conflict is growing, gaining new momentum, new real threats to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, threatening the security system and its entire composition, resulting in a number of new related threats. It is proved that the identified real threats are not final, they can be quantified, but it is worth focusing on their rapid resolution in order not to deepen the conflict, which should be a priority for macro-level management systems, therefore, due to certain features and the emergence of a number of real threats, the basic theoretical principles are proposed in order to eliminate them

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