health care

The relationship of state and public control in the field of health care

Abstract. The scientific article focuses on factors that indicate the relevance of the study of state and public control in the field of health care as an object of legal regulation. Such factors include the unsatisfactory state of health of the population, the observance of human rights in the field of health care, the quality and efficiency of the medical reform, the quality of the provision of medical services, etc.

Regulatory and legal ensuring the ophthalmic services and assistance provision in Ukraine

The main legislation defining the legal, organizational and socio-economic principles of ensuring the health care of citizens are analyzed, the normative basis for the development of standards and clinical protocols for the treatment of diseases of the organ of vision are considered. The issue of the quality of ophthalmic services was analyzed from the point of view of their compliance with standards, cost efficiency, absence of negative consequences and priority orientation to the needs of the patient.

Theoretical and legal study of the prinsiple of access to the healht care

The aim of the article is to analyze the theoretical aspects of the implementation of the principle of accessibility in the field of health care. One of the most important in the life of man and society is the field of health care. The principle of access to health care has been shown to be crucial to ensuring a patient's legal status, and is set out in many international instruments. International law defines the basic standards of accessibility to health care, which provide financial, territorial, professional and information accessibility.

International legal standards of health: to characteristics of sources

International human rights protection is one of the most important tasks of modern international law and it is related to the concept of "human rights standards". By standardizing the rights and freedoms of the individual and the citizen, it is possible to recognize a particular legal system as democratic, that is, one that meets the democratic goals of human development. International legal standards in the field of health play a significant role in protecting human rights, and therefore there is a need for research.

Effective development and functioning of the market of medical services in the conditions of globalization and integration processes in health

The author clarified the concept of “medical service” identified the characteristics and features of medical services. Define the role and place of health services in the health system. It is proved that an important condition for the development of medical services market in Ukraine is strengthening the innovation capacity of the health system.