інформаційна система

Підходи до побудови екоінфомаційних систем на основі інформаційно-комп`ютерних технологій

Розглянуто основні підходи до описування та створення екоінформаційних систем на основі дискретних моделей та інформаційно-комп’ютерних технологій.

The paper describes the main approaches to the development of systems based on ekoinformation discrete models and computer technology.

Умови, стратегія та перспективи розвитку інформаційних технологій

Розкрито сучасне розуміння феномена інформаційного суспільства, подані показники, тенденції й прогнози впровадження інформаційних технологій у світі та його вплив на глобальний розвиток. У цьому контексті розглянуто соціокультурні зрушення в Україні, безпосередньо пов’язані зі впровадженням і використанням інформаційних технологій, зокре- ма: поширення нових форм масової комунікацій, трансформація та розвиток систем «циф- рової» демократії та електронного урядування, сучасних технологій. Розкрито стан проблеми розвитку інформаційних технологій.

Mobile Application Interface for Device Management in the Smart Household System

The article analyzes the features of the development of a complex information system called Smart Household, aimed at automating and improving the implementation of a wide variety of functions in a multi-disciplinary modern household, in particular, such as care for domestic animals, a garden, home territory, etc. The use of an effective mobile interface in this kind of system will allow household owners to monitor and control remotely a lot of useful functions using a mobile phone or a tablet.

Decision Support System for Order Processing Based on Cross-programming Technology

A typical standard architecture of the support system has been proposed, making decisions on forming and implementing solutions based on cross-programming and heavy calculations and similar functional capabilities before it. The technology for disaggregating such systems on the basis of cross- programming and efficient calculations, as well as reducing costs/hours/resources for disaggregation, promotion and support of such support systems to support the adoption of a solution, has also been proposed.

Information Technology for Maintaining Records of the It Company Facilities

Accounting of premises is the process of storing, processing and manipulating accounting data of premises. In IT companies, effective premises accounting is of particular importance: it can help reduce costs, improve staff performance, and increase business efficiency. The need to keep records of the premises of an IT company always arises in the case of many offices or many manipulations of their data. Optimal use of space is one of the key factors in ensuring the efficiency of IT companies.

Information System for Ukrainian Text Voiceover Based on Nlp and Machine Learning Methods

During the research, an information system for voicing Ukrainian-language text was developed based on NLP and machine learning methods. The created information system is implemented in the form of a desktop application, which allows the process of voicing the Ukrainian-language text. The created system included all stages of software development: the design process, the implementation process, and the testing process.

Intelligent information system for automatic generation of symbols in the APP-6D standard

Military symbols play a key role in the command and control of military forces. By communicating information that meets basic requirements, situational awareness can be quickly achieved; by its graphical nature, it provides a common operating language that greatly facilitates interaction across cultural and linguistic barriers. With the advent of information technology, the need arose for rapidly recognized international standards that could then be taught to computers. The fusion of high standard air, sea and land symbols on APP-6 paper resulted in Mil-Std-2525 and NATO APP-6D.

Information system for remote support of legal services

The main ways of using information technologies in the field of legal services are analyzed. The functional purpose is given and the software tools that make it possible to order legal services remotely are analyzed. Options for implementing such an information system within the framework of the “Smart city” concept are described. Here are screenshots of the main pages of the information system project.

Information system prototype for monitoring and content analysis of complaints from smart city residents

One of the current computerization trends is the active development of “smart city” or “Smart city” technologies, in particular, the support of administrative e-services, the development of transport systems, the use of ecologically clean energy sources, the development of ecology, the modernization of the city’s digital equipment, in an improved state. life in the city, completion of all processes of the city infrastructure. All this complex of works is as accessible as possible with the correct use of “Smart city” technology. Smart cities contribute to sustainable development.

Information system for forecasting sales of building materials

The work purpose is information system design and development. The study object is sales forecasting system process for building materials assortment. The study subject is forecasting sales system development methods and means for building materials assortment. the process of the system of forecasting sales of the range of construction materials.