інформаційна система

Information system for extraction of information from open web resources

The purpose of the work is to develop a project of an information and reference system for finding answers to questions based on the highest degree of comparison using text content from open English- language web resources. Examples of such questions can be: “What is the best book ever?”, “What is the most popular IDE for Python”. The result of the functioning of the information and reference system is a ranked list of answers based on the frequency of appearance of each of the answer options.

Information system project for startup of supporting internet tourism in Ukrainian territory

Today, the issue of tourism, travel, research of the city or its history remains quite relevant. Awareness of one’s identity, learning the history of one’s people are important aspects of life, or learning the culture of other peoples. Although the Covid-19 pandemic and the war have put this issue on the back burner, it adds new challenges to it. On the one hand, interest in research and learning something new is enhanced by isolation, both internal - limiting people’s personal contacts, and external – closed borders and a limited flow of tourists.

The virtual reality information system for the isn lpnu department tours with elements of full immersion as a platform for an open day

Virtual reality is an important information technology that allows to achieve significant progress in underserved areas. Immersive multimedia, or virtual reality, is a software-simulated environment that simulates physical presence in the real or imagined world. Innovative applications such as high-tech intelligent systems that correlate with the information technologies of display, modelling, building and maintaining networks, artificial touch and computer graphics have made virtual reality a breakthrough in the computing world.

Information system for converting audio in ukrainian language into its textual representation using nlp methods and machine learning

Speech recognition involves various models, methods and algorithms for analysing and processing the user’s recorded voice. This allows people to control different systems that support one type of speech recognition. A speech-to-text conversion system is a type of speech recognition that uses spoken data for further processing.

Improvement of the information security of the management system

The study is aimed at researching ways to improve the information support of the management system using software. The authors determined that automation allows to reduce the time required to perform basic management functions, it is used for calculations and analysis, design, quality control, planning of all operational processes, hiring and accounting of employees, etc. An information system is a combination of technical, software and organizational support, as well as personnel, designed to provide the right people with the right information in a timely manner.


The paper deals with the urgent issue of improving the professional software for text statistical analysis in accordance with the needs of specialists. Peculiarities and prospects of statistical research in linguistics are analyzed and information technology (IT) for determining the statistical profile of Ukrainian-language texts is developed. Complex work on modelling the software system was carried out, it was presented in the corresponding schemes and diagrams, which integrally reflect the functioning and purpose of the developed product.

Determination of the Influence of the Economic Cycle Stages on the Innovative Potential of Small Entrepreneurship

The small business sector is studied. It is hypothesized that the small business sector has a significant innovative potential, the possibilities of which depend on the economic cycle of market conjuncture. It has been hypothesized that innovation investment in the small business sector depends significantly on economic cycles, and that the structure / directions of innovation investment are determined by the global market conjuncture.

Prototype of Information System of Analysis of Structural and Logical Schemes of Educational Programs

The article contains the results of the analysis of the current situation of using system solutions in the creation and improvement of educational programs. During the analysis and research of the subject area the factors influencing the comprehensive development of the student are determined. These factors and curricula have also been linked. The basic terms and key concepts of this subject area are analyzed and their influence and importance are determined.

Design and Implementation of an Information System for Self-Control of Bronchial Asthma by Patients

The aim of this article is to develop information system for people with bronchial asthma. The main function of the information system described in the article is enabling self- control of bronchial asthma by patients. By controlling asthma correctly, patients can reduce the symptoms of asthma. The most important task solved before the information system design was a selection of the asthma parameters which can be monitored and implemented in it. The information system consists of two main elements: a database and an application.


The work is devoted to the problem of creation and implementation of educational services in the process of teaching foreigners listeners of Ukrainian language. Two Web-based learning systems have been developed – an audiovisual training course in the Moodle shell and a KIAP system for constructing Ukrainian language tasks and automated testing of them. It is shown that the Moodle distance learning system was used mostly in the first semester of study. In the second semester, when you have studied professional Ukrainian language, the KIAP system is effective in application.