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Peculiarities of the legal status of a lawyer in the conditions of formation of civil society

A study of the nature of the category "legal status of a lawyer" has shown that it is one of the most fundamental and at the same time one of the most complex categories in jurisprudence. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, this category has received a wide range of applications both in legal theory and in practice, and on the other - in modern legal science there is no single (universal) approach to understanding its essence.

Theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the study of the moral basis of the institute of advocacy

The article defines the essence of legal ethics as certain components, namely: a) the purpose (mission) of a lawyer is to protect the interests of his client, providing him with the necessary professional legal assistance, which must be provided continuously and at the appropriate professional level.

The role of advocacy in the mechanism of protection of human rights and freedom

The article analyzes the role of the Ukrainian Bar Institute in the mechanism ofprotection of human and citizen’s rights and freedoms. Attention is drawn to the fact that themodern component of the characteristics of the national bar association is directly related to14the change of vector not only in the field of improvement of the judicial system, but also as anindependent civil society institute formed in Ukraine.

Independence as a dominant for law self-government

The issue of the place and role of the bar in the state and society is updated, and the essential characteristic of this human rights institute is highlighted. The structural elements by which the independence of the legal profession are distinguished. The problems of realization of the principle of independence in the process of the lawyer’s performance of his/her professional duties are analyzed.

Advocacy as a scientific-theoretic basis of advokatium self-government development

In the context of the adaptation of national legislation to international law, the law
office acts as a pivotal indicator of the truthfulness of the practical implementation of
legislative initiatives. The emergence of a new term for determining the direction of scientific
research on the issues of the advocacy should be taken comfortably, since since then the
definitions of “advocatology” and “advocacy” are analyzed as equivalent, identical.
Discussion discussion of the terminology of advocatology both in scientific researches and the