international law

Crime and globalization: causes and consequences

The article considers the problematic issues of the interaction of globalization processes on the development of world crime. Globalization as a modern global trend has both positive and negative effects on the development of national and international law. One of the most serious negative consequences of globalization is the growth of crime in the world, as well as the emergence of new, more dangerous forms of crime, which is not limited to national borders and becomes transnational in nature.

Principles of international criminal law

The article explores the basic principles of international criminal law and their classification. It is noted that international criminal law is a complex industry, so in addition to the general principles specific to domestic criminal, criminal procedure and criminal enforcement law, it covers the principles of international criminal process and the enforcement of criminal penalties. This is explained by the general focus of international criminal law and domestic law enforcement law.

Terrorist threat: the present phenomenon adaptation

This article analyzes the modern understanding of the concept of terrorism through the
prism of criminal law phenomenon. A number of international regulations related to the
organization and committing terrorism exposure. Delineated the concept of “terror” and
“terrorism”. Examples of systemic combating terrorism. Analyzed the views of Ukrainian and
foreign scientists in fighting terrorism.

Legal integration of Ukraine in the plan of globalization discussion

The integration processes taking place in the modern world lead to the development of the
national systemof legislation. Exploring the origin and evolution of Ukrainian legislation, it should
be noted that this process is long and characterized by specific stages of development and the
formation of our state. Introduce the integration processes in the country, first of all, it is necessary
to be guided by the fact that each legal system of a certain state, which is stipulated by the system

International criminal Court as a major organ against age

The article deals with questions of the International Criminal Court in the context of
counteraction to aggression. Based on the methodology of system analysis of international and
national legislation, the realization of the competence of the Rome Statute of the International
Criminal Court concerning aggression and the impact of the legal practice of the institution on
security is explored. The addition of the term “aggression” is proposed by new factors
associated with the emergence of cyber-attacks and other new means.

On aggressive policy in a state ruling of Russia against Ukraine (historical legal aspect)

The author analyses the contemporary political activity of Russian Federation state rulers and its aggressive character forwarded against the Ukraine. Modern politically strategic activity of Russian authorities is a direct threat to national security, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

International labor migration: causes and consequences for economy

The article explores the concept and content migration, its essential features. Revealed factors that contribute to the formation of modern labor migration. Author analyzed the effects of migration on the development of national economies, and focuses on the problematic issues raised by labor migration for Ukraine.