комп'ютерна мережа

Модифікований алгоритм Гоморі-Ху для оптимізації мереж, основаних на технології SDH

Запропоновано модифікований алгоритм Гоморі-Ху для оптимізації мереж, орієн- тованих на технологію SDH.

Modified Gomory-Hu SDH oriented algorithm for network optimization is proposed.

Модифікований алгоритм Гоморі–Ху для оптимізації топології комп’ютерних мереж

Запропоновано модифікований алгоритм Гоморі–Ху для оптимізації топології мереж, орієнтованих на стандартну ієрархію швидкостей.

Modified Gomory–Hu standard bit rate oriented algorithm for network topology optimization is proposed.

Research and Design of the Multifunctional Cyber-Physical System of Testing Computer Performance in WAN

A multifunctional cyber-physical system for monitoring and testing remote computers in the WAN has been developed. This cyber-physical system has been built using microservice architecture. The system has used a website as a graphical interface, which in turn communicates with the main query separator, namely a web server. In addition, the database and the AES-256 encryption algorithm has been used to simplify data work, and to increase system security from external interventions.

Computer mobile network of the city of Lviv

The problem of the choice of non-cable technology on the basis of which a network for data transmission on the territory of the city of Lviv, including dense buildings and those for which the cable network is not relevant, is considered. Several basic technologies of wireless communication are considered and technology is proposed for solving this problem.

The problem of optimal distribution of tasks between computers on the network

The efficient computational algorithm for optimal allocation of tasks between computers on the network has been developed. It has been designed by using dynamic programming method. The numerical example that demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm has been solved.

Computer network traffic analysis based on experimental data of wireshark

This article analyzes the changes in traffic networks, obtained via Wireshark network protocol analyzer. Observations have been conducted by the following parameters: the total number of packets, the average number of packets, average packet size and average bit rate packages. The received data is used to test theoretical models.