public control

Improving the legal mechanism of state regulation in ecological sphere of Ukraine

Total globalization and industrialization of modern society raises the problem of environmental pollution and requires the provision of rational nature management. These processes require state institutions of effective control and supervision, the introduction of preventive environmental measures, the development of methods for the rational use of natural resources and environmentally sound technologies. The normative-legal regulation of the functioning of the institute of public inspectors in the ecological sphere is researched.

Public control as an effective mechanism for prevention of corruption in public procurement

Problem setting. One of the main prerequisites for the detection of corruption offenses and the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures is active citizens who are interested in overcoming this phenomenon. An active, influential and developed civil society is an important element of any democratic state. Such civil society plays a key role in implementation of urgent social changes, development and realization of effective public policies in various spheres, solving political, socio-economic and humanitarian problems.

Assessment of the efficiency of social services management for patients with dementia through mechanisms of public control

Problem setting. Ukraine often avoids considering a wide range of issues about the lives of vulnerable people in today's social and economic context, including the elderly population and people with dementia as well. As a result, the government becomes a monopolist in providing social services for this group and assumes the functions of a customer, service provider and control over its performance simultaneously.

Administrative legal mechanisms to provide public trust in the police

The article describes theoretical approaches to the administrative and legal mechanisms
of police interaction with the public on a partnership basis, aimed at ensuring public trust and
support by the police. The influence of administrative and legal mechanisms ensuring public
police trust on the effectiveness of the National Police’s service activity in the context of reform
processes in the state’s law enforcement system is analyzed. The necessity of obligatory
consideration of public opinion when adopting normative legal acts regulating the activity of

The legal interpretation of a regional access in formation of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine

Іn the article in legal aspect considered regional approach of reforming of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine, as one of the possible options for improvement. Highlighted understanding such multifold category as region. With a glance to historical experience, modern political realities and future prospects, tend was valid for the optimizing of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine, including the feasibility of consolidation of administrative units by the formation of prorated regions.