On the example of semiconductor crystals Ge, Si, PbTe, PbS, InSb with different levels of doping and different types of conductivity, the geometry of the piezoresistive effect was optimized, namely, such directions of voltage measuring and uniaxial pressure applying were determined, which ensure the maximum achievable value of the effect. The optimization is based on an approach using the construction and analysis of extreme surfaces that represent all possible maxima of the objective function (the magnitude of the effect) under different spatial orientations of interacting factors.


The paper presents the development of a cyber-physical system based on the HomeAssistant platform for efficient automation and control of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The architectural features, technical implementation and prospects for the development of the system are considered, with an emphasis on the ability to integrate a wide range of sensors and IoT devices into a single network to create adaptive and intelligent solutions.

Basic structure of the neurofuzzy control system for a group of mobile robotic platforms

It is shown that the following approaches can be used for group management of mobile robotic platforms (MRP): centralized (concentrated), decentralized (distributed) and hybrid. It was determined that an urgent task is the development of a neurofuzzy management system for the MRP group, which must perform the distribution of tasks between the MRPs, the determination of MRP movement routes, joint planning of works and their synchronization.

A Computer System for Collecting Data on Temperature and Humidity on Premises

Abstract: Nowadays, it is impossible to do without cli- mate control in enterprises, especially when these are en- terprises that manufacture products that can become unus- able under the influence of environmental factors such as high or low temperature, humidity, and dryness. Basically, in most enterprises, finding a solution to this issue is re- quired by state standards, which cannot be ignored, be- cause it can harm people.


Water is the most crucial factor for all living organisms, so it is essential to protect it. And water quality monitoring is one of the first steps required in the rational development and management of water resources. Smart systems used for real-time quality control and power consumption are rapidly developing. Their implementation in water quality assurance systems is essential and actual.

The basic architecture of mobile robotic platform with intelligent motion control system and data transmission protection

The requirements for a mobile robotic platform (MRP) with an intelligent traffic control system and data transmission protection are determined. Main requirements are the reduction of dimensions, energy consumption, and cost; remote and intelligent autonomous traffic control; real-time cryptographic data protection; preservation of working capacity in the conditions of action of external factors; adaptation to customer requirements; ability to perform tasks independently in conditions of uncertainty of the external environment.

Cyberphysical system of watering with remote control

In today’s reality, the pace of people’s lives is much higher than it was 30 years ago and it is still growing. At the same time, the amount of information also growing. This information should to be processed constantly, daily, as soon it is received. Production volumes are also not standing still. Such a lively pace of life requires process consistency and continuity. And these processes must be provided by man.

Implementation of Smart Technologies in the Mine

The basic methods and principles of mine safety systems have been considered in the paper. The algorithm of one possible smart device (smart helmet) is depicted. This algorithm describes the basic principles of this device. The device allows to find danger in the environment where the miner works, as well as monitors the condition of the miner. It can also quickly analyze this information and report the danger when it is detected. The system has been developed and programmed including basic modules for implementing this algorithm.

Sensors in Cyber-physical Systems Based on Android Operating System

The cyber-physical systems take the major part of any system that help users to interact with environment processes.

Cyber-physical systems are intelligent systems, which include networks of physical and computing components that interact on internal level. The basis for the development of various models of cyber-physical systems are the using of measuring instruments and their software. Measuring instruments are necessary to control technological parameters processes and the environment.

Investigation of Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System

Unsuitable climatic conditions, various natural disasters and instability and unpredictability of the weather significantly complicate cultivation, and sometimes make it even impossible. To ensure the best conditions for cultivation and the highest yields, farmers began to use greenhouses. However, in our hectic lives, people are constantly busy with something and there is no enough time. Long trips, business trips, vacations are also possible. It is becoming increasingly difficult to provide the necessary conditions for plants to grow on their own.