The development of the information society has an impact not only on the quality of life of people, but also on the formation of new communication links. The rapid penetration of information technology into different areas of our lives has contributed to the global spread of the Internet, in which social networks are actively used for communication. For advertisers, social networks provide unique opportunities for rapid dissemination of information and direct contact with consumers.

Features of preparation for interrogation of a victim  of fraud

The article examines the features of preparation for interrogation of a victim of fraud, the  essence of forensic aspects of activities during preparation for interrogation of the victim, the  dependence of the content of this process on the type of crime, the investigative situation, the time  between interrogation and interrogation.

The relationship between the concepts of "tactical purpose" and "tactical task" in the theory of operational and exploratory activity

In the article, based on the results of generalization of scientific positions on the research topic, it is concluded that such categories as "tactical goal" and "tactical task" are interrelated, but not identical concepts.

Тhe peculiarities of conflicts representation in mass media

The article deals with the journalist covering of conflict processes. The conflict is regarded as the important content- and form-driving element of journalistic texts. The author analyzes how the field of conflict is represented with content, genre and plot-compositional means of journalism. The peculiarities of media coverage of such parameters of conflict processes as structure, typology, reasons, dynamics, and functions are clarified.

Use of tactical receptions in investigation of crimes perfect by the organized criminal groups

In the article maintenance and concept of tactical receptions are considered at carried out inquisitional (search) actions. Features are certain that must be taken into account at the choice of tactical reception during realization of inquisitional (search actions in investigation of crimes accomplished by the organized criminal groups. Basic factors are outlined that influence at choice concrete tactical reception from realization of inquisitional (search) actions in investigation of the marked crimes.

Analysis integration strategy and tactics business development

Reveals the importance of feasibility study in the process of objective criteria for stable
operation of the business in the context of integration of tactics and strategy of its
development, formulation parameters of efficiency. The urgency and the direction of analysis
and integration of strategies and tactics of business method and its implementation.
There area number of factors that cause imbalances in the strategy and tactics of
market reform at the national macro level that is not conducive to achieving the desired

Normatively-legal adjusting, organization and tactics of co-operation of investigator with an expert

Research is sanctified to consideration of questions of the normatively-legal adjusting and features of organization and tactics of co-operation of investigator and with an expert. Considered principles and elements of co-operation, and also her stages are certain. The analysis of legislation of Ukraine in the field of forensic science activity is made in relation to co-operation of investigator with an expert.